Sunday, September 21, 2008

Much Ado About 22

I almost forgot it was my birthday last midnight when I was writing the previous entry at the cafe, not until 2.30am when I return back to my room. Got several sms and Friendster comments, really nice, thanks, but really I don't mind. I'm really over the whole "birthday importance" at this stage of my life - for me, everyday is the same and has all rights to be celebrated - because God has just gave us another more day to live. 

Well, looking back, I don't think I've celebrate lots of my birthdays. I had the one and only "birthday party" when I was at 7/8yrs old back in Terengganu with my schoolmates/neighbours. But after that, my family usually celebrate my birthday jointly with my younger sister and brother, whom birthday happen to fall on Sept 9 and 15, thus avoiding the sight of 3 leftover cakes in the refrigerator. The first midnight "surprise" birthday came during my first year, thanks to my former theatre members - Marina, Jenn, Din, Lynn and Yana. For my 2nd year, my studiomates bought a cake for September babies - which are the most in the studio (Ai, Ya, A'ai, Shafiz, Ayie). And last year, my studiomates bought cake on the my birthday midnight (but I went back to room earlier and they have to fetch me back to the studio).

The truth is, birthday is scary - because you just had this vision of the past 20 years flashing before yourself. And I haven't achieved much that I really proud of. Let's hope things will be better next year.

I'm officially 22.


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