Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go Ida-Tania!!!

Thursdays are currently the most anticipated time of all week - thanks to the nailbiting third season of The Amazing Race Asia. I've followed it religiously this time due to the inclusion of Ida and Tania to the team's list. How they didn't disappoint! Dubbed "the toughest race ever", this season sees 10 teams performing painstaking challenges in series of detours and road blocks, from washing a whole bus to eating a whole bowl of stinky tofu.

At first, Ida-Tania seems an easy favourite for me due to Ida's celebrity status, but as the race progresses, they proved again and again that they really deserved to be in it - and still enjoy themselves while in it. The only team that has yet to be caught on camera arguing each other, they stole every scene with their giggles, laughters and funny words. They even won one of the leg in Taiwan.

But as the time progresses, Ida-Tania made a few serious mistakes in choosing some of the task, most notably when they chose to carry the water bucket up the hill over the easier toy picking machine task in Taipei, causing them to came in second last on that leg (luckily Mai-Oliver decided to quit the race). Since then, they've been constantly left far back against the Sam/Vince (which since the fast forward looks unstoppable), slick-and-tricky Geoff/Tisha which always finds their way advancing throughout the race (and yielding some), surprisingly-still-in-the-race AD/Fuzzie (which has luck siding by them - especially in the blu-ray dvd search and the easy puzzle game) and determined fellow Malaysians Bernie/Henry.

Ida-Tania came in last during the last 2 legs (Kong Kong and Macau) but fortunately both were non elimiation legs. For the next leg, they have to come first or incur a 30-minute penalty which could resulted in their elimination. I'm too glad that they've been given a third chance and hope the next leg will include an "equalizer" where all teams stuck at the same point (hours of operation/flight time) so that everybody has the fair chance again to win this game.
Classic: Ida's reaction upon hearing about the 25-hour bus journey to Hue. 
The stinky tofu that enable them to win the leg in Taiwan. So scary.

Wrong task choice girls! If only they knew.


mohd faeez said...

suker sgt gambor no.3 ...ida : tania, let's do this!

ida : (whispering tp cam loud jugak) bismillahirahmanirrahim....

moral of the story...
berkat doa membawa kejayaan..giteww

Adian said...

berkat doa ke, berkat jumpa monk kat hilltop tu? bunyi petir

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