Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hmm... Raya Lagi

Yeay Raya! Yeay Raya! Or not.

Truth is, I gave up raya like years ago. It's becoming more and more commercialized, with all the cliche raya programs which include, but not limited to these:
1. Drama airmata. Yes, this evergreen tearfest event selalunya akan muncul time malam-malam raya, starring Fauziah Nawi, Wan Maimunah, Norlia Ghani or other veteran drama queens as emak terpinggir, emak terbiar, emak blablabla... living in complete poverty while their ungrateful sons and daughters are enjoying themselves in the big city a.k.a. Kuala Lumpur until a point where a tragedy strucks that bring them begging the ol' parents forgiveness, with a 90% chance that one of them (child or emak) will die. Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. I think this concept was made popular a few years back with Rashid Sibir-directed Pondok Buruk. Then the same formula is recycled again and again until it blew my eyes off. Gimme Raya comedy anytime, but we can only cry so many times.

2. Sampaikan. Kad raya kita seterusnya datang dari xxx yang berada di xxx, "saya nak ucapkan selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin kepada mak, ayah, kakak, abang, datuk, nenek, pak su long, mak ngah, pihak polis, kucing saya dan tidak dilupa kepada yang sudi membaca kad ini". Yeah... cause I really care.

3. Muzikal Aidilfitri. A faux kampung set in studio complete with pelita and all that jazz. Some reality TV has-beens wearing festive outfits singing the same classic Raya songs again and again while pretending to stir the dodol in the kawah. This is getting old. Too old.

And maybe the fact that I'm preparing the submission requirement this coming Oct 6th slimming down my mood this year. Thankfully my good ol mates, the new series are coming back one by one. Desperate Housewives made a stunning comeback yesterday, jumping 5 year ahead after last season, How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty is charming as usual, I haven't checked The Office yet but the first 5 minute preview tells me it's right back on track, but why Heroes why??? You suck big time in your 2-hour season premiere. Do you want to be cancelled next season? Mohinder injecting himself with the freaking serum and "instantaneously" turning into one of the heroes? Please... you're better than that. The complete review will come after all the series had it's season premieres.

Oh I forgot, Selamat Hari Raya. I don't think I've directly insulted anybody in this blog, so no forgiveness needed. But in real life, yes maaf zahir batin. Hmm one interesting thing, I used to hear people say "maaf zahir je. batin xde k" (contohnya sms McT tahun ni haha), but personally I think we've hurt people in batin more than in zahir. A lot of people had the misconception that batin is... you know-lah kan. But no way the phrase was invented just to seek forgiveness about... you know-lah kan. Mane ade orang wat salah pasal... you know-lah kan, unless he like, raped you or something. Haha. Anyway, my point is, the term batin in maaf zahir dan batin means something that cause pain deep inside that someone, by means of words or actions, intentionally or not. Terlepas kata sehingga terasa hati for example. So for me, "maaf batin je, zahir xde k".

p/s: I might return to UKM earlier... tapi takut sorang2 plak kat kolej tu.


fara-D said...

selamat hari raya juga. and maaf zahir batin. haha! of coz not the batin you know lah

huhu.nak balik awal gak. tp
1: juga takot sensorang kt kolej (xpee... jeeta ada! kui kui kui)
2: bonda bising menyalahsangka den balik awaal sbb ad muslihat. cis!

tp apa pu, sabtu cadangnya PASTI. erk.

Adian said...

aku balik raya ke3 kot.

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