Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm in The Amazing Race!

Well, I wish.

But the previous 72 hours have proved that I might be qualified for the race - I have been totally awake - though not completely been sober the entire time - for more than 30 hours at the studio. All thanks to my own amazing race. Race to finish - and print (yes, though deceptively simple, sometimes printing could be such a bitch) the presentation boards against "the" day - in which "the" refers to final presentation we're gonna have in less than 5 hours (0900 AM Thursday). As evidently above, I'm grouped in the C group (which I hope won't be my grade this semester hehe) with other 7 hopefuls. The "Panel 2" means that we're gonna have some outsider architects coming in to criticize, screw and bash voice their opinion on our humbled little project.

Fingers crossed!


Chika Chika said...

eiii takutnya. saat2 genting yg sgt stress dan menekan.

seminggu seblom final review. tunggu turn atau menggelabah carik john utk print. pastu siap print dalam dua jam seblom review. touch up panel. tampal board. aaaaa. aku tak percaya aku telah melaluinya secara tekanan yang dahsyat.

eh eh.
ni saiko ke apa ni/.

Adian said...

hehe btol2.

fara-D said...

wpun tak larat nak menghadapi final project ni, sangat mau cepat abis sume azab seksa ni, tapi kan.... i just can't imagine jika meninggalkan life sebegini kelak (insyaAllah....)

a life full of pain in the *** but yet a wonderful great experience (and of coz with the presence of great ppl di sisi...) ^.^

Adian said...

yeap. walaupun supposedly "azab" but then kalu kerja lagila "azab" berganda2.

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