Thursday, October 23, 2008

The (Near) Tragedy

Per my previous entry, the final presentation was set at 0900 sharp. Quoting Puan Akmal, "that means you have to pin-up before 9am". Well, after I wrote the entry (0430), I went back to college and set the alarm at 0700. Kononnya nak datang awal, rancang nak cakap apa time present. Kononla...

Woke up. Why didn't I heard the alarm? Why is it so bright out there? WHAT TIME IS IT? WHERE'S THE PHONE? Apparently the moral here is don't let your phone slide underneath the pillow. 0933!!! Holy goodness! Then Farah called (cam tau2 ja aku br bangun) Crap, crap! Mesti dia nak bagitau skrg turn aku present lepas Afiq. I started crying. OK I totally made that part up.

"Ko kat ne? Tak datang ke?"
"Nape xde org call aku? Aaa aku baru bangun. Dah start ke?"
"Blom lagi. Cepat2."

Eh, Che Lan suh kejut dia malam tadi.

"Weh, ko kat ne?"
"Aku baru bangun ni"
"Aku pun. K"

LUCKILY I've ironed my shirt before went to sleeping. And 5 minutes later I rushed down the block, pinjam moto Che Lan (he's like.. the only person in my knowledge that have BOTH car and bike in UKM. Xsyok ar pakai formal jalan terkedek2 depan full packed bus stop haha) and 5 minutes later I arrived at the studio. Luckily the session hadn't start yet. The panels pun baru 2 orang sampai. Lega... what a dramatic way to start the day.

Things are looking better from there on. My group panel is Puan Akmal with Puan Shamsiah and En Ismar (but En Ismar only came after I presented. Which I hope is a good thing since he could be lethal), Afiq wasn't present so I presented first. The feedback I got is promising. Lucikly Puan Shamsiah was sold on my graphics. And I got the same advice I got numerous times before "you have to speak louder". Again. Meh.

Arul, Ayie and Zarif stopped by for the accreditation thingy. Yeeha! And the day ends well.


ST_one said...

but i'm suffering with my submission on 28th now :((

aisyah said...

wohaa~ amazingnye pagi kau. syukur x merambu mcm mek dolu2..

haha. speak louder? x sangka aku kau punya suara yg kecil. hehe.

oho, dtg ye diorg.. inform diorg sekali surat akreditasi nnt sampai. ringkasnya 27/11-4/12 sume student jsb berkampung kat UKM keh.

Adian said...

stone thanx. but this is just presentation je. still hv to gone thru internal and external. go go sansit go! u can do it!

a'ai hahaha jgn ingatkan aku pasal mek tu, tu xbleh lupe punye... nangis2 smpi bengkak mata gara2 "awan ikan" die xdibetulkan lagi. hahahah....

tula aku pn musykil. aku rasa kuat je suare aku... (time cakap merapu2 la tapi) haha

wah, gaya ayat ko aku bayangkan ade perkampungan hadhari tv9 plak. cam meriah je. hehe. (tapi aku ade satu gosip hebat pasal akreditasi ni... nak tau? jumpe face to face nnt k. haha)

fara-D said...

woi!!gossip apa????? haaa.....nnt a'ai face to face, ajak aku skalik weh! lalala

aku rasa, sore ko bkn pelan sgt, cuma ada certain2 time, maybe bila time ko cam not sure of sumthing, ko akan cam mumble dgn sore tak brapa kua. hahaha!!

Adian said...

oh like that ar? k lenkali aku nk record time aku present. leh analysis. hehe

chika said...


Adian said...

joyfully stressful.

mohd faeez said...

ayoo...geng lina joy kah?joyfully stressful nieyh?

Adian said...

x, geng lina tan.

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