Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's a Wrap!!!

Let me said it: the semester's ov-wait for it-vah!!!

(Well, technically not, because the semester's only over when external review is over, but since the lecturers decide to postpone it until accreditation come Nov 25, we consider it done. Full stop.) I just can't wait to burn all the 4gigs worth of this semester's files, photos, PSDs, JPEGs and Powerpoint presentations into the DVD and get the hell out of my notebook.

(for more pictures during the internal review, click here)

Ida-Tania Updates:

Wow. Just wow. In a twisted turn of luck, Ida-Tania almost reach no.1 from the last place during the previous leg. But Geoff-Tish is undeniably strong team. Nevertheless, thanks to Sam-Vince/Bernie-Henry's ill fated decision on their chosen flight from Hong Kong-Cochin, giving Geoff-Tish / Ida-Tania / AD-Fuzzie hours of advantage. So, even with 30 minutes penalty, Ida-Tania still managed a 3rd place. Can't wait for next week!


fara-D said...

blom....blom wrap lagik wo....haihhhhh

Chika Chika said...

eceh. link ke FB!

Adian said...

kan aku kate "technically, not"

haha kenela pandai wat product integration, bleh la tgk komen2 gila dlm gamba tu.

mohd faeez said...

hahaha...wrap la konon...wrap nampak pusat jer...kang external matilah mak!!!!

Adian said...

eceh, cakap cam la ko submit design gak. hahah

sh said...

aku tag ko.. sila baca kat blog aku neh! sila buat..timekaseh... sj nak nyusah ko... hohoho

Adian said...

haha selamat dtg. igtkan xsampai2. hehe. tag ape nih? jap aku check.

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