Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Ida, Tania, Eli, Daisies and Darlings.

Just a short note because I got a job deadline to chase.

The Amazing Race Asia : The Finale

Well, as much as I'd like to see Ida-Tania won, I think I'm settled with their 3rd placings. I mean, boy, this team was this close to elimination at 2 consecutive legs before regaining their momentum back, it's a miracle even to see they made their way to the finish line! And they had the same bad luck that force the departure of Bernie-Henry, flights f*ck-up. Had they took the same flight as Sam-Vince and Geoff Tish, I bet the outcome's gonna be different.

That being said, I think Sam-Vince deserved their win, as they were obviously very competitive from the beginning, reaching first in several legs along the way. Well, at least it's not Geoff-Tisha winning, because then it won't be good for Amazing Race to have a constantly-fighting-and-bickering couple for a winner - they will eventually split, anyway (at least from what I see).

Ida-Tania, you make me proud. Can't wait for next year!

TV News: Cancelled!

I was heartbroken to see ABC stop the order of new episodes for beloved tv gems Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money which is the polite way to say "you're cancelled!". These 3 shows are drop deap fantastic - though not so ratings-wise. Pushing Daisies will end after it's 13th episode - with a cliffhanger (not a good thing!), so now let's hope the writers of Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money will able to formulate some sort of satisfying ending to those 2.


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