Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Accreditation Preparation

It has been a pretty busy week since I return back to UKM on 24th. Originally plan to move to our "official" residence at Taman Tenaga but the 4th year studio has been really great (and air conditioned, and internet connected) for 4 of us (with Zaid, Hafiz and Fadhil) so we decided to stay all the way until the 4th.

Faces come and go through the week, as the ex-studiomates took leave from their work and join us in the preparation work for the upcoming 2 'big days' beginning tomorrow - accreditation visit from CAEM (Council of Architecture Education Malaysia - if I'm not mistaken) for which we have to transform Istana Tengku Puteri/Rumah Seri Wangsa or whatever the house name is into a showroom for our 3-year works. We can't thank them enough for that. And of course, there were those who came - only during free meal time, and worse, those who barely show up at all - and I'm being generous here.

Gedik's readymade is always a delight to play with.

Nevertheless, we had a great time working together. Personally I was more involved with the 'indoor' works - ie. brochure, labelling, printing, etc. while others endure more 'physical' task. And I am supposed to finish the multimedia slideshow for tomorrow - while suddenly my windows CRASH! aaaa.... right now I'm restoring the system (which takes a LOONNG time, btw) so my fingers are crossed for the slideshow, ergo I would like to herewith pre-apologize if there's gonna be a no-show tomorrow. Sorry to disappoint you guys!

Watched Twilight last night at Alamanda with Che Lan, Gedik, Ainul and McT. The bigger-than-life movement resulting from the 5th row from front seat causing my already sleepy head into becoming worse. And I fought my eyes for the second half of the movie's duration, hence stripping my eligibility to do a review this time. But from what's left in my receding memory, I think the movie is OK. Robert Pattinson is already becoming a phenom overseas so I think our local girls shall find no problem in joining the mania.


fara-D said...

nanti sila turut update tentang external review ya...pastu, aku link kan entry itu ye. haha! (kes nak update tp malas!!! lalala)

Adian said...

ayya, lupe pasal external. sbb xnampak pun die assess keje kite. ahaha

fara-D said...

WAH! baru sahaja menonton twilight tadik. BESH!!! suka..... *terbang*

Adian said...

haha best kan

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