Tuesday, December 30, 2008


0130 - Planned to go to chancellory next morning with Zaid and Hafiz to settle the fees.
0145 - Reminded dad to bank in money.
0930 - Hafiz cancelled as his dad have yet to bank in the money. Went with Zaid.
0945 - Zaid made a short detour to Pusat Kesihatan to settle some documents. 
1010 - Reached chancellory. Picked the waiting number. 1212. Current waiting number: 1121. Gosh.
1015 - Went to the third floor (treasury department), asked for the account statement.
1025 - Went back to faculty for breakfast.
1100 - Zaid dropped me back to chancellory. Current waiting number: 1175. Gosh.
1110 - Hafiz made triumphant return and benefited from my extra waiting number.
1130 - Finally my number was up.
1140 - Hafiz number was up.
1145 - We went to Treasury Department and get the exam result bar-lift.
1200 - We went to Academic Department. Unfortunately the pakcik is not so helpful and I don't think he understood our situation.
1210 - Go to treasury department again. No help either.
1230 - Last resort, the faculty's student counter. After much begging by me and Hafiz (much like Ida & Tania begging for money), the nice lady finally showed us our results. Alhamdulillah. Totally worth the hassle.

But seems like there's my third sem nightmare has yet to let me rest. My result's still hanging. But both the lady and Kak Atie has promised to look into the matter ASAP.

Alhamdulillah again.


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