Monday, December 08, 2008

Blame it on Weather

It's Aidiladha today. I don't feel anything. Aside from the sweet-and-spicy (and oily!) taste of rendang in my mouth. Thanks to the very Twilight-atmospheric weather today. I don't favour rainy days.

I can sense apart from several freelance projects, this holiday is gonna feel like a long and wasted one. Although in reality it's just a short 3 weeks.

Due to less-than-celebratory weather and the absence of internet earlier today, I decided to catch up on all downloaded-but-yet-watched episodes of the series I'm following. Finally finished Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, 90210 and 1 ep left for Ghost Whisperer. Soo soo sad that Jim dies, but since he's still being listed as regular player, I wonder if his crossing-into-the-light moment would be dragged until the end of this season. Or will he stay hanging forever and help Melinda manage the ghost together? Interesting to see how it will be played out. 

Jim dies

In memory of Jim-Melinda (sad sad -__- music video)

To the 4th years, have a nice trip to Singapore. Bring me souvenirs! But no key chain. Hahaha.

Flashback to my conversation with Beh (while queuing up at the cafe) upon his return from PAM Architecture Students Jamboree (or something like that) in Busan, Korea.

Me: Beh, mane souvenir?
Beh: Ada, ada. Nanti saya bawak.
Me: Tapi tak nak keychain ek.
Beh: Eh, mane boleh camtu.
Me: Haha. Key chain lah tu.

But I haven't got anything until now. Beh, I'm still waiting. Haha


fara-D said...

alaaaa...nak gak tgk ghost whisperer...wuuuu....

Adian said...

ayoo sumenye nk tgk ni... external xbawak2 pun. dah baiki blom plug die tu? hahaha...

Lihat Fikir said...

cam ner nak rase cam ari raya, ko letak video ghost wishper.... hu hu

Adian said...

haha xkan nak letak drama raya rtm kot. haha...

tkah said...

jim die..
giler lah..
ak tgh boring kat training..
naseb baik blog ko ada

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