Monday, December 29, 2008


Insomnia la sgt kan

Today's entry was brought to you live from my new room, courtesy of Jaring internet trial run at the college. Speed was decent (I'm downloading Kyle XY at 80+ kb), but all the rooms and aras have not been packed yet, so next week will be the real test.

Went back to UKM this afternoon by commuter as my family's heading off to wedding at KL. Checked in, get the key to the new room, and - gasp! - new roomate! A second year Syariah student from Puchong, I'm just glad he's not a smoker. That's all I'd been hoping for. And the fan actually has speed! Unlike my previous room where every speed from 1-5 was actually 1. Haha. Alhamdulillah.

Then my family came from the wedding sending all my things for the room. And went out for an eat and shop some more. Then the usual angkut barang menaiki tangga routine begin for the 8-th time (8th semester) that never fail to give me my much needed freaking workout. I'm telling you if I do this for a week - just a week! - I'll definitely lose one size. Haha.

And the "workout" left me breathless and tired. That, and last night I slept at 5 and woke at 8. So, it's breathless + tired + sleepy. So after taking a shower and online some more, I went to bed at 10pm, and I woke up again at 1am. And I've been tossing and rolling on the bed for the last couple of hours but still fail to return to dreamland.

4 am, switched on my notebook, thus this entry was born.


fara-D said...

uhuk. aku pon mengalami insomnia sejak kebelakangan ni. memula dulu, tak jam 3pagi, tak leh lelap. sejak beberapa hari ni, melarat ke jam 5. stress btol!

Adian said...

haha biasela insomnia cuti semester.

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