Wednesday, December 24, 2008

La La Land

Current soundtrack: La La Land - Demi Lovato. Love the video.

My excitement to check the results was shattered down last night due to my fees debt. It turned out that I haven't pay last semester's fee. Crap. Well, partly my fault. I forgot dad only paid the previous sem's fees. I thought he paid this sem as well. And UKM's online payment system "sedang dalam proses menaiktaraf" (which I saw from like ages and ages ago), so I guess I can only check it this coming semester lah.

New sem starts in 4 days. Looking forward to find my new room. But it's Awal Muharam on 29th. So how? Class starts on 30th then? Nevertheless I'll return on 27th because my family's going to my cousin's wedding on 28th.


fara-D said...

haha! nampak gaya... tahun depan lah pulang ke kampus. lalala

Adian said...

dpt sms dr za'ba x. Kalau xdaftar dari 27-29/12, setiap hari lewat kene denda rm15.

fara-D said...

eh? 29 tu bukan cuti ka??

Adian said...

cuti la kot. tp za'ba bukak jugakla cam biase awal sem kan die bukak sabtu ahad tu utk amik kunci.

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