Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm scheduled to return to UKM tomorrow but my dad can't make it.

So I have some messaging to do. Kang penat plak Ikmal bukak pagar istana tu (cewah istana)

Me: Abg Ikmal, saya xjadi datang esok. Khamis bole?
Ikmal: Khamis kan cuti. Jumaat la.
Me: Ooo lupa. (Khamis - Hari Keputeraan Sultan Selangor) Ok Jumaat pagi.

So, there it is. Hopefully they haven't take out the tables and partitions yet. Or else the fricking bats gonna poop on my models like Zaid and Beh had.

It's fun posting Youtube videos. And I'm gonna share another one I discovered today, called You Suck at Photoshop. It's basically a series of Photoshop tutorial, each is about 5-minutes long, BUT presented in such a dramatic and extremely funny way. This series of short videos won 3 awards at 2008 Webby Awards. I'll leave you with my favourite episode. (You might want to view it in full screen.)

You Suck at Photoshop - Episode 2: Covering Your Mistakes

If you like it, check out the rest.


Lihat Fikir said...

ha ha.. sedih giler member tu... cam ner dier boleh postkan video ni..?

Adian said...

xla ni blakon je.

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