Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Ramblings

1. Last Friday my dad courteously sent me to UKM to collect my boards and models at the Istana. Tapi oleh kerana Abg Ikmal sibuk, kene amik kunci pagar istana di bengkel 4th year dulu. Then my dad ask me to drive myself to the istana because he wanted to have breakfast at the kejut cafe. So I went lah sorang-sorang. Gosh, it's like 9.41am already but the Istana is downright scary... it's damp, cold (it's raining the night before), dark, and full of bat poops. Holy almighty. Thank you bats for not pooping on my models. At last my parents can see the craps I've been producing for the last three years. Haha...

2. I've been doing some freelance for En. Ismar (through emails) and when one of my emails left unanswered, I sms him. To no avail too. Then at 4am the next day, I finally got the reply from him. "Saya kat brazil. Nanti saya check." Whoa. I really wanted to see Rio De Janeiro with Christ the Redeemer statue and works of Oscar Niemayer and hot Brazilian girls... *tico berry

3. Tomorrow morning I'm set to meet Keghi at KL Sentral to get the darn dvd-writer I've asked like hundreds of times before. I really need to empty the external hard disk and burn it. The one at home is kinda broken, I don't know what's wrong with it. And I think I shall make a short detour to the nearby Mid to catch The Day The Earth Stood Still before I head back home. I tried to book it but seems like it's fully booked. But that's what it says when we tried to book Twilight the other day. Moralnya online booking is not so reliable pun. So I'll keep my fingers crossed. Xpe kalau penuh boleh tengok Antoo Fighter. Haha

OK, I want to watch Dirty Sexy Money now.

p/s: Bile result nak keluar ek?


fara-D said...

menurut smpweb, result kua 24hb dec. wuuuuH!!

Adian said...

waa yeke. tq tq

CHIKA said...

At last my parents can see the craps I've been producing for the last three years.

aku jua.

gimme five!

Adian said...

gimme five! haha

CHIKA said...

pedih okay perasaan nak bagi ibubapa tatap APA YANG KITA LAKUKAN TIGA TAHUN INI!!!

Adian said...

hahaha... ngan model yg pecah dan panel yg buruk.. tampak cam xberhasil je. hahahahah

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