Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dad finally replacing the old broken wireless router today (that forced me to opt for the messy wiry hub for a couple of months) so I can move my notebook freely again! But because of the recent Streamyx breakdown I rant about on the previous entry, the joy is not there anymore... internet without downloading is... blergh. I'm feeling like I'm wasting the money forked out for the bill.

Anyway, speaking of internet, Che Lan informed me that Za'ba's rooms (and possibly the whole residential college in UKM) is undergoing trial test for wireless internet. Rumor has it that the wireless will officially start to operate the next semester and that the fee is pre-included in our college fees. I'm not really putting high hopes for the speed because with hundreds of rooms sharing a connection (and with freaking hardcore downloaders like me), one can only expect so much, just the ability to IM and regularly check my email would be nice enough. But now that we're paying it, I reeaally need this to work 24/7 and not consistently suffer from server breakdown or such craps like the one we're getting at the cafe now.

Results coming out tomorrow! For better for worse, fingers crossed... fingers crossed...


fara-D said...

and on 25th, akan ada sedikit tahlil di umah aku. dengan itu, sekiranya result ok, seronok lah, bleh tumpang wat kenduri kesyukuran skali. tapi kalo result hampeh, alamat, 25hb tu kena wat kenduri tolak bala skalik weh. T___T

Adian said...

hehe bukan tolak bala lah, kenduri arwah trus. hahaha (jahat)

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