Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Found Me

Current Soundtrack: The Fray - You Found Me. Since I heard this tune from the new season of Lost promo, I was overtaken by it.

Hehe finally I had DVD writer in my notebook! So I can stop bugging other people's computers to burn one now. Many thanks to Keghi, who sold it to me.

After meeting him last Sunday, I made a stop at Mid Valley to catch The Day The Earth Stood Still. Yes, online booking lies. I got a nice seat at the far right of the theatre, so my head can lean on the cushion-y wall haha. The movie itself? Just OK. It's definitely not War of the Worlds or Cloverfield, nothing "wow" or "whoa" but nothing bad either. In one scene where the freaking-huge-spheric-thingy is projected to strike earth right in Manhattan, the whole theatre erupted with laughter due to how cliche it is for Manhattan to be hit by every disaster everytime. And the visual effects is, bak kata En. Mazlan, tak cukup masak. Only one stadium, a trailer, and a few roadsigns turned to dust. Yawn.

Ultimately, the main and noble message left behind this 1951 remake is - protect the Earth. Oh, and another thing, as I pointed out to Gedik, whenever a national disaster strucks - go hide under the Central Park bridge, as Earth and Cloverfield has taught us.

I'm leaving you with the trailer of the original The Day the Earth Stood Still. Funny.


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