Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 in Movies

This is all 21 times I went to the cinema last year. Thanks to student price, most of the time.

01. Cloverfield (GSC Mid Valley)
Solo viewing. The first and BEST cinema experience of 2008 hands down. The movie is meant to be watched at theatres.

02. Cuci (GSC Pavilion)
With Farah, Ainul and Gedik.

03. Dunia Baru: The Movie (TGV Mines)
With Farah, Ainul and Gedik. Most enjoyable Malay movie this year. The whole theatre laughed hysterically till the end.

04. Flood (GSC Mid Valley)
With Gedik. Serious money wasting. Padah xwat research sebelum menonton haha.

05. Congkak (GSC Pavilion)
With Farah, Ainul, Gedik and Shah. The most overhyped movie of all-time. I want my money back.

06. The Forbidden Kingom (TGV Cheras Selatan)
With Nuar, Ainul, Niesa and Sarah. Surprisingly well.

07. Street Kings (GSC Mid Valley)
With Shafiz. Slept halfway through.

08. Iron Man (GSC Mid Valley)
With Nuar, Farah, Ainul, Shafiz. OKla.

09. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull (GSC Times Square)
Solo viewing. Fun!

10. The Happening (GSC Mid Valley)
Originally planned with Gedik but ended up watching separately. OK la. But pretty stupid.

11. Get Smart (TGV Mines)
With Farah, Ainul. I dozed off during the climax.

12. Wanted (GSC Alamanda)
With Farah and McT. After final topical presentation. Time ni McT sangat kecoh dalam panggung.

13. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (TGV Cheras Selatan)
With Farah, Ainul and Mas. Thanks to Farah's free coupon. So, xsedap pun jadi sedap.

14. Mamma Mia! (TGV Bukit Tinggi)
Solo viewing. Nak pergi kedai terlajak ke pawagam. Bley? The movie itself was entertaining.

15. Eagle Eye (GSC Times Square)
With Ainul. Cewah cam date plak. Because Ya had to leave suddenly. And yes, I dozed off. Again.

16. The House Bunny (GSC Times Square)
With Ainul and Ya. Cute movie.

17. Tropic Thunder (GSC Mid Valley)
With Che Lan, Sarah, Mas and Niesa. I struggled to stay awake and won the battle.

18. High School Musical 3: Senior Year (GSC Times Square)
Solo viewing.

19. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (TGV Capsquare)
With Farah, Gedik, San Sit and Soo Yung. Right after we had our final presentation.

20. Twilight (GSC Alamanda)
With Che Lan, Gedik, McT and Ainul. I struggled to stay awake but lost.

21. The Day the Earth Stood Still (GSC Mid Valley)
Solo viewing. Pretty blase.

Let's see what will happen in 2009.


fara-D said...

12. Wanted (GSC Alamanda)
With Farah and McT. After final topical presentation. Time ni McT sangat kecoh dalam panggung.

haha!! berkali2 jugak aku menyiku si McT masa ni......

Adian said...

memang lenkali xleh bwk tgk citer dah. hahaha

ST_one said...

I watched 5 of them only, all in cinema.

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