Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AJL 23

Courtesy of Hafiz who managed to secure us some tickets, last Sunday Farah, Gedik, Zaid, Fadhil and I went to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil to watch Anugerah Juara Lagu. Hafiz was one of the percussionists for Aiman's Dusta Berkalang that night. Dahla kerja bertimbun-timbun. Sanggup bermati-matian siapkan on the day before untuk menonton dengan tenang.

Entering it's 23rd year, AJL have certainly reached the status of the industry's most prestigious award. And it shows that night. Themed "Illuminasi Muzik", this time AJL shies away from elaborate stage design, and instead focusing on the LCD screens and coloured lights to create a different "theme" for each song performed. The result is breathtaking. Adding that to one of the best songs line-up AJL has ever had, is one of the best AJL ever produced. Word.

The only drawback for those watching live was the louder-than-life sound system, which makes it a tough job to identify the lyrics of the songs sometimes. And after the three hour affair, all of us crawled out with post-concert trauma and terrible headache. Haha.

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fara-D said...

terima kasey apis. wahaha!!

ajl kali ni besh besh! sonok!!

Adian said...

thanks apis. pasni suh die perform kat award2 show lagi. haha

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