Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Can't Win Hand

(Bak kata Melayu, "tak menang tangan". Motif ngade2 translate English?)

The first week is "la-la week" due to numerous public holiday, which makes Malaysia so special. Haha. So I spent it doing freelance work I took during the holiday.

Then the second week arrived. DUM! Got this semester's first project assignment. Oh, and btw, our final project this semester will be... (hold your breath cause this is pretty mouthful)... "Informative Library and Alternative Healing Centre" (eh cam xpanjang sangat la pulak bila taip). Deja Vu? Oh no, we (the special batch - cam kanak2 spastik pulak kedengarannya) have tackled this kind of project before, during our 4th semester, under the righteous gracious guidance of AR Aziah. Remember my reflexology centre and spa? Hehe...

So, to avoid vomiting from yet another reflexology-filled semester, I decided to jump into other form of alternative therapy - hydrotherapy! "What on earth is that" you're saying? Well, it's 66% of them. Haha (water consists two third of Earth's surface). Well, basically hydrotherapy refers to the type of treatment that utilizing water. Ok, stop right there. Saving for tomorrow's presentation. Because of other freelance works, I have to speed up my pace for this assignment - and thankfully managed to finish it earlier.

OK, that's all for short updates today. Resume work!


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