Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Happens in Pahat, Stays in Pahat

Live from Mahkota Guest House, this is yours truly writing updates on this semester's academic trip to Batu Pahat and Malacca.

We were only scheduled to leave Batu Pahat next morning, but due to the shock that we got from seeing the I-can't-imagine-how-many-prostitutes-have-been-banged-on-this-bed kind of "hotel", we decided to shorten our stay there to just a day.

We listened to a talk by Dr. Ismail from UTM at Batu Pahat Hospital this morning.

... And welcome to Malacca. Wow. The last time I've been here was 2 years ago, and how things have changed since. Lots of new buildings and attractions sprouting over from Ayer Keroh to Banda Hilir. We just spent the night roaming through Dataran Pahlawan Mall. Can't wait to check out the rest for the next 5 days.

The accomodation here is nice enough. The most important thing, WiFi! Ok, gotta go now. Site analysis waiting tomorrow.


ST_one said...

What!!! Why choose a hotel like that? How do you know the hotel is that 'hotel'?

Adian said...

haha so horrifically funny. i dunno, im not in charge to find the accommodation. but i dun blame the person who's responsible for that. he/she might simply have no idea it would be that bad.

Kipas said...

hohoho... aku pong bernasib baek jerk dapat naek eye on malaysie... titiwangse pong... sempat tgk dr jauh jerk... hoho..

fievelski said...

tak nek taming sari kah?

Adian said...

naik..smalam. bestla.

fievelski said...

Quoting adian "he/she might simply have no idea it would be that bad."..oh really?perhaps he/she but i think it's a he lah, knew about this already and did that on purpose kot?

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