Sunday, March 29, 2009

15-way contest?

I'm not going to update anything about Earth Hour, c'mon... it's all over the news. Go search yourself, though you can check out my Facebook album to see how we're doing it here.

Politics is vomit-inducing, but I just burst laughing when coming across this piece of article from Utusan reporting about the upcoming election in Bukit Selambau, where a record of 15, yes 15, hopeful nominees will vie for the seat. The previous record was 8, according to the news.
  1. R. Loganathan (Bebas) - kelapa sawit
  2. Tan Hock Huat (Bebas) - kunci
  3. Radzi Md. Lazim - Bebas - kerusi
  4. S. Manikumar (PKR) - bulan sabit (logo PKR)
  5. Mohd. Fadzil Abdul Wahab (Bebas) - kepala harimau
  6. Abdul Rahim Abu - (Bebas) - jam loceng
  7. L. Sarala (Bebas) - basikal
  8. Datuk S. Ganesan (BN) - dacing (logo BN)
  9. A. Jayagopal (Bebas) - payung
  10. S. Moganakumar (Bebas) - buku
  11. Khamis Awang (Bebas) - ayam jantan
  12. Husaini Yaacob - (Bebas) -bas
  13. M. Vanesan - (Bebas) ikan
  14. Mejar (B) Anuar Abd. Hamid (Bebas) - telefon
  15. T. Chandrarajan - (Bebas) kapal terbang
I didn't know that Bebas nominees should stick to the SPR pre-determined various icons to choose from to represent them.


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