Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Due to "external" works and "external" jimba-jimba, I failed to get my design developed yesterday for crit session while some of my friends proceeded into details.

I totally screwed up my bedtime. Still feel yawny after 10 hours of sleeping. Argh! Something wrong with me this semester... leka sangat. By any means, I have to force myself to regain my composure and design momentum like I had last semester. Money is inviting, but my main purpose here still remain. Talking about money, I'll be going to Chancellory this morning to pay my outstanding student fees (which will hopefully shut that money-sucking Za'ba up)

God bless.


ST_one said...

Ya, money is inviting there must be a balance between them. I believe that you do the same this time like what you have done for last semester or maybe better? Go for it!

Adian said...

hopefully... hopefully..

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