Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RIP, Edie Britt.

Although hardcore fans knew long before, it doesn't make any less shocking to see Nicolette Sheridan makes the departure in last Sunday's Desperate Housewives. From the preview for the next episode, we can expect one more episode for Edie Britt, apparently done in flashbacks, the same technique applied in the 100th episode last month. A Wisteria Lane resident since Day 1, Edie Britt adds colours and sauciness in this suburban life, as a sneazy seductress slash maneater. We'll surely miss you, Edie.

Went to Chancellory this morning and settle the student fees with Farah. It's the first time I don't have to queue there. Empty as hmm... an empty space. Maybe because of the rain. Been scribbling and scribbling in the butter paper for hours to get the creative juice flowing. Hmm... hope it will get the green light next Thursday.

Tomorrow's gonna be college dinner. Themed English Couture by disillusioned sotongs who organized the whole thing so that they can parade their masquerade masks in full pride. To hell with the theme, this ain't Juara Lagu for god's sake. What a pity for those who go as far as renting the costumes, hoping to clench that illusive King and Queen of the Night title crapfest. Hahaha... Can't wait.

God bless.


fara-D said...

well, so far, this is the first time i'm impressed by the management of the event. but i guess it's still early to conclude...let's just see first how the dinner will turn out. hopefully, it's gonna be selancar pengurusan nya so far...

have to admit lah, ini first time aku berpuas hati dari proses book meja yang teratur, hingga la ke kad jemputan serta reminder secara telefon yang berjaya mengejut aku dari tersambung tido yg terlajak sangat pagi tadik! huahaha

Adian said...

reminder telefon siap? wah. hahaha... well, yg annoying tema die je. event die kita tunggu dan lihat. haha

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