Friday, April 10, 2009

Face to Face

The bubble finally burst last Thursday when the supposed "final crit" turned into an intervention session between the studio students and the lecturers, to address the allegedly "worrisome" state of our design progress this semester. Well, neither parties are subjected to the blame. My fellow studiomates are bombarded with ridiculous amount of projects and assignments from other subjects (or so it seems), plus topical studies that they weren't allowed to extend until short semester, which the previous batch did. So it is only understandably if their design this semester is not at par with the previous one.

PC Fair is back in town. As usually the case is, I've got no business to attend there... (but still in notebook-hunting mode)... but don't really feel like one now.

I was supposed to return back home last night, that is until I was notified to submit my work next Monday, so I figured it's better to finish everything now and spend the whole next week at home (design was temporarily in hiatus mode because of study week + exam). I miss my home though.


fara-D said...

wow!~ 1st time pulak dgr ko RINDU rumah. heheheh ;)
slamat pulang ke pangkuan keluarga...cewah.

Adian said...

haha last balik seminggu b4 trip melaka... lamenye

ST_one said...

It's always good to be at home! I just came back from my hometown 2 days ago. Home sweet home :)

Adian said...

yaa... so peaceful... and jimat.. hahahaa

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