Sunday, May 03, 2009


AIM came and went without much hype this year (our music scene is slowly dying - big claps for piracy)... I only knew the day before, that it's actually on last night (I thought it will be later this month). And I overslept (as usual). Thankfully, managed to catch the second half through ntv7 website. Quality was okay for a live stream, but suffer from "1-minute-hiccup" every 2 minutes, so it's kinda annoying. I can just wait until YouTube version surfaces, but I just can't.

So, from the very brief and few that I watched, I think the quality has somehow improved from last year's (my review last year). The set design was acceptable, and bow to Adibah Noor who return as hosts. Can I say she is Malaysia's very own Tina Fey? Hmm maybe not. But at least she proved that a woman can be elegantly funny without resorting into typical minah kepoh-mulut murai attitude (yes, I'm talking to you Ogy and Sharifah Shahira).

I won't waste my time copying the whole list of winners (you can jump to other blogs who would love to do just that). Just a general remark on the winner trend this year. Can I shout "Indie Explosion"? Fine. Although record and album of the year went to Misha and Siti respectively, these former underground bands are rapidly invading mainstream "prestigious" award events, (represented by Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain) whom scored big in new artiste, rock album and rock song category. Aizat became the first Akademi Fantasia alumni to take home a vocal category, giving AF it's much-needed injection of self confidence since the show's been overshadowed by their counterpart One in a Million in recent years. (and can Tomok be nominated as a "new artiste" next year despite his former glorious New Boyz era? Oh wait, Joe Flizzow and Malique already did that this year.)

AIM juries continue to distance themselves with Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) in best song category, by naming Misha Omar's Nafas Cahaya as the year's top award - a song that only managed to break into AJL'S SEMI FINAL.. wait for it... TWO YEARS AGO (Gasp!). While AJL's reigning crownbearer, Meet Uncle Hussain's Lagu Untukmu - wasn't even nominated in AIM's best rock song - the title went instead to Hujan's Bila Aku Sudah Tiada. (The only time AIM and AJL shared a same brain: 1997 Siti's Jerat Percintaan nabbed both title)

Nevertheless, the Hujan-Meet Uncle Hussain final face-off as the night's closing performance totally nailed it. Noh and Lan's electrifying dynamic reminded me of Whitney-Mariah diva showdown a decade ago. Haha. Blame me for being observant.

Haha sama x?

Ok mari sambung SketchUp. Have a nice weekend everybody!


alyaanajwa said...

love da last pic!exactly..excpt for stupid+funny look of noh whilst singing..hahaha

Adian said...

haha dia tgh feeling tu... posture misha omar "tarik brake". haha

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