Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Just half-emptied my room tonight, dad came and took it home hours ago. Only hours later then I knew that we can stay at our room after the mandatory May 8th checkout until the May 10th registration for short semester. Ler.... penat je beria berkemas dalam kemamaian... akibat tak cukup tidur.... kerana tertidur lewat dari biasa.... kerana menunggu En Azimin petang tadi... sampai dia kena kejutkan aku tengah tidur dalam studio juniperus ni.... tak profesional langsung lah! haha...

1st/2nd/4th year : Submission on 8th, Internal Review on 12th, External on 14th.
3rd / 5th year : Submission on May 14th, Internal Review on 20th, External on 21st.

Today is the official time-wasting day, due to the freaking long time it took to export the plans and elevations from my SketchUp to CAD drawing (the first export started in 6am and ended in 1.24pm. Crazy right?) Even getting help from Sansit's desktop and Zaid's notebook. Thanks guys!

Unlike last year, there's no more melancholic feeling while packing things up tonight. Is that a good sign? Maybe partly because I know I'll be back next year of my Master.


fara-D said...

waha. goodluck master nnt...cewah!

waaa.... as much as i wanted to leave ukm as soon as possible, sedih jugak sama banyak. T-T (eley. bese la, drama queen!)

Adian said...

haha thx.

Chika Chika said...

master. huyyyyyyooooo all the best

Adian said...

trimas. smoga semua berjalan dengan lancar.

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