Friday, May 15, 2009

Final Presentation

Pentas berdarah

(just woke up after a long, much needed sleep)

Yesterday was the final presentation+assessment+submission before we wrap this semester out with internal and external review next week.

What can I say? Just what can I say? Well if I were to simplify it in a single sentence : you better hope lady luck is staying by your side.

You may have worked semi-hard over months developing your design with lecturer A, but if lecturer B couldn't grasp the concept and agree with your point of view that you tried to sell in a 10-minute presentation, so that's it.

And if somebody else who was rarely at the studio, but it just so happen that his/her design struck a chord with lecturer B's wise and ever wonderful mind, you know how the rest will turn out. Not that I'm being jealous (jealousy is a big, evil word), but I think it's a bit unfair to those who work our asses off.

And some people had a little too much time on their hands to produce stunningly-beautiful-photo-realistic 3ds, but sadly not on the basic drawings. Come on.

Thankfully all the marks will eventually go through Lecturer A before the final marks are keyed in, so hopefully I'll stay away from trouble.


fara-D said...

and that's the reason parents ku decided to come over dinner last night! T-T *nervous breakdown* (err...despite few missing drwg lah, but itu tak menjadi masalah....XP )

Adian said...

xpe ade 3 hari lagi... go upgrade go!

enul said...

go go power rangers!!mighty mighty power rangers!!!

the unknown said...

there's always a risk of conflicting views when u hv a committee to evaluate ur work.

how do u get them to sit down and agree with each other? care to share?

Adian said...

enul! sori xdpt ikut korang tgk angels+demons

hi "unknown". yes. indeed, i intentionally refrain myself from having crit with all 3 lecturers to help guiding my design into a single approach+style rather than wasting my energy+time to keep changing it everytime i went for crit with each lecturer (whose each had different styles and opinions)

but rest assured, i saw all three lecturers gathering back together after that.. hopefully to check and balance the marks given before. hopefully

Chika Chika said...

dah cuti ke dah cuti ke?

fievelski said...

erm...what can I say?the very same thing occured to me last term. I managed to complete all my drawings and it just turn out that mine looks 'incomplete' due to major portion of the drawings 'appears' to be invisible, and I even print out a smaller scale A4 size actual drawing that shows everything, however the two external reviewer which I had known them for minutes that time?one is involved in recent crit review, mind u!..we just pass her/his 'creation' this's not that hard to figure out, i suppose..(hoho..jahat!)..and they judge my performance purely on what appears to be on the A0 size presentation board..and the f**king A..(the A we love to gossip bout n he's gone now..I know ur story..lah..tak payah menyorok..) just simply approved such assumption (yer! they assume I'm lazy and couldn't finish mine...wtfish?..but it's not really their fault anyway although i keep telling them this is printing error and everyone seems to face the same problem..but being the second to present, and ayie's presentation is really good, i'm in such position that whatever i'm saying is worthless..u know what i mean?.)

On so..the fricking A even told them that i am so reluctant to follow his advise and even go further by saying that i am bitch...well the second statement is exaggerated..hoho..sempat buat lawak kat sini...maka..itulah sebabnya I feel that i didn't deserve the grade i'm given on my last term...itu jer..dah..ciow..

p/s Hope the 'grade-switch' won't take effect this time..wohho..just my ranting..wohoho...

Anonymous said...

go go adian!jgn give up!hope uols can graduate without any obstacles.:)
*xgrad lg tahun ni..uuuu..:(

Adian said...

haha xde la give up pun... xla expect smpi FAIL (ayo.. nauzubillah), cume rasa xsetimpal la hasil kerja dijudge secara kurang adil.

eh gedik, who's A? atau A dari belakang ke? hehe

aisyahmokhtar said...

A adian.. A. sem akhir kami. ala.. A yg sudah tiada sekarang.

nway, suka gambar pentas berdarah tu. horror sgt. tahniah. HAHA

Adian said...

huaa... xtau... A mane ni

ST_one said...

A?? is he the one i'm guessing now? Anyway, you have done your best. I'm sure there is no regret. All the best!

Adian said...

fingers crossed.. haha

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