Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home. Now What?

After a seemingly neverending 4 years, architecture finally let me off it's deep and treacherous claws. And I'm back home now. So, now what?

(main title rolls)

Itulah akibat pengaruh tengok TV series banyak sangat. Haha. OK, back to title. As I've mentioned in earlier entries, I will be pursuing my Masters in January next year. So, in the meantime, I was planning to work, NOT in architecture firms (I've had enough!), but in other relevant field such as communicative graphics, publishing media or advertisements. With the same starting salary with architecture firms, I would rather slaving myself for something that I actually passionate about.

But life is, and always have been, a written masterplan. You can plan, but it always play itself. Something came up out from nowhere. An opportunity that I think I would never had if I did graduate last year. This, again, goes on to prove that everything happen for a reason. Semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Praise God.

So, let's lay out my agenda now that I'm back home.

1. Room renovation. Haha. (belek2 katalog IKEA)
2. Project 01: Codename daun
3. Project 02: Codename hutan
4. Project 03: Codename XS
5. Project 04: Codename burung
6. Project 05: Codename lena.

Penatlah baru habis belajar dah kene kerja. I need a backpack tour across Europe or something.


ST_one said...

I like this "You can plan, but it always play itself", haha...

Adian said...

so true indeed kan..

fievelski said...

hoho...agreed..true indeed

tkah said...

keje..nanti jgn lupakan ak..
ak rasa kalo ko graphic designer mesti hebat.
lupe btau klien lama ko ckp ko punye website dapat top ten ke anugerah ke..xigt sgt..

Adian said...

ooo klien lama... kirim salam padanya. haha... oh yakah? bisa memberitahu lebih lanjut? bleh masuk portfolio ni. hehe

fievelski said...

website manaan?hhoho..ada website gelapkah?

Adian said...

haha jangan ingat kekasih gelap saja ada... motif? haha

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