Monday, May 04, 2009

Riuh Pagi

It's becoming our daily routine in Studio Juniperus to tune in to live streaming starting every 6am for the hilarity that is Riuh Pagi ERA, hosted by dynamic duo Aznil Nawawi and Din Beramboi, the first real success ERA has had in years (after toying with various mix-and-match of morning presenters over the years). With Aznil's wise way of entertaining callers and Din's witty, spontaneous, dead-on jokes, your day really can't start any brighter than this.

Among the most anticipated segments are "Berita Cara Kami" - kind-of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, "Jom Debat", "Merisik Khabar" (where Din will be mysteriously gone - maybe because it's a serious segment - jokes are inappropriate), and of course "Drama Sebabak". Ah Toong yang baru dengar pagi tadi pun gelak sakan.

Tips: To listen to without going to the station's website
, just paste this address to your Windows Media Player (File > Open URL). Have a nice morning everyone!


fara-D said...

haah. hangpa pun sama hingaq pagi2 tuh. boleh jadi pelapis aznil ngan din beramboi nnt!

Adian said...

of course! haha studio ni sentiasa happening.

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