Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And for the 400th time...

... I start my rant. Yes folks, this is my blog's 400th post, a month after it's 4th birthday. Coincidence? (So, that means on average I post 100 entries/year = roughly 1 entry/3 days. Ok la tu kan)

So, what to talk? I just watched the second episode of Weeds and c'mon! You can do better than this! 2 episode and barely a plot development! For viewer's sake, you're a 13-episode-a-season series, not 22. So better pick up your pace, will ya? We've waited for a whole dang year for this.

Nancy Botwin buat muka tak bersalah. Nasib baik ko lawa.

So, I'm gonna review the 2008-2009 TV season that has come to end several weeks ago. What's good, what's bad, what's new and what's cancelled. Here we go again... (my review last season)

30 Rock
One word - Tina Fey! Her pitch perfect impersonation as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live attracted more viewers for 30 Rock than it ever does. Adding a shelf of A-list guest stars like Oprah, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Martin couldn't hurt either. 30 Rock continues to amuse us with its unconventional, either-you-believe-it-or-hate-it plots and outrageous punchlines that makes you wonder "how funnier can they go?" Will this 2-time Best Comedy Emmy winner able to score a hattrick this year?

Yaa... I liked this better than the first season of One Tree Hill a while back, though its adopting the universal love-tri/quad/pentangle approach, it has this sazzy vibe to it (the hot casts help a lot). Annalyne McCord (Naomi) is the breakout star of the season. Juggling between being a bitch one minute and sympathetic the next one, you hate yourself for loving her. Ethan will not return next season, but the season finale doesn't deal with his departure. I wonder how will this work next season.

Desperate Housewives
The glorious "5 year leap" that was heavily hyped turns out to be... nothing new.... after several episodes. Of course, the childrens are grown up, there's always new funny plotlines every weeks, but the main "mystery" of the season - Dave, the psychopathic mourning father+dad - was very predictable. Dana Delany makes a welcome addition to the housewives, and I'll miss you Edie (nice cameo in the finale!). So, what's in for next season? The central mystery revolves around Gaby's new teenager member, and can't wait to see another twins in Scavo's household!

Dirty Sexy Money (CANCELLED)
How could a dirty, sexy show, touted as the modern day "Dallas" gets cancelled?! That's beyond my imagination. Stupid writers strike last year cut short the first year shows, leaving a long hiatus, resulting in viewers abandon their return, thus forcing the network to cancel like almost all of them. I'll miss you, Darling family.

I just invested my time in the series and play catchup on the first season before the second one starts, and this is how I got paid!? Screw you ABC! The second episode (the one with Katie Holmes) wet my eyes. Life is unfair!

Ghost Whisperer
Ghost Whisperer turns the table round this time when it bravely kill Jim this season... (thus solving the "missing shadow" mystery at the end of last season) And in the most bizarre storyline this season, Jim transfers to another body, but we still sees him as "Jim", but we will wholeheartedly believe in that because we can't stand the sight of Melinda making out with anybody else. The season in overall? Average.

Heroes? This son of a bitch bore the hell out of me after a couple of episodes with it's "mindblowing" twists and turns, until when it was revealed that Petrellis' mom IS Sylar's mom - I think I reached my end point. But I still continue downloading the remaining episodes - just in case.

How I Met Your Mother
Slight....ly off the par from past seasons, but nevertheless a healthy dose of comic relief every week for this season I think. The Barney-Robin relationship that we were "promised" at the end of last season never fully materialize, damn it. But at this season's finale, we finally see a weak light of hope to find the "mother", when Ted becomes a "professor" (what the hell? 2-week crash course?) at the university where he say he found the mom here.

OMG. Just O M G. Another fantastic season, although a relatively short 16 back-to-back episodes, continue to delve more and more into the deep, complicated, mysterious threads of plots that is LOST. I don't know where to begin, but the different thing between Lost and Heroes, though both a champion in the "WTF?? storyline" department, is that - we believe in Lost, however WTF we think it is, because it always explains itself later shortly after, and not without adding more things for us to wonder at the same time. Can't wait for it's final season next year!

Parks and Recreation
Amy Poehler ventures out from her Saturday Night Live staple into primetime TV, accompanying her former co-star Tina Fey in 30 Rock and The Office in NBC's thursday night lineup. Joining them is Ugly Betty on ABC and what more could you ask for? Thursday night (or Friday morning here) is definitely comedy time. Amy single handedly raise this show from mediocrity, but unless this show grab some Emmys, it better hope to find more viewers to avoid cancellation next season.

Pushing Daisies (CANCELLED)
Our favourite pie maker has pushed the daisies after a promising first season. Being nominated for an amazing 12 Emmys didn't seem to help this visual feast.

Privileged (CANCELLED)
I watched the first couple of episodes. Average. Ainul was crazy about it. Didn't expect it to be yanked off the list, though.

Kath & Kim (CANCELLED)
Call it trashy comedy, but I love it! Molly Shannon and Selma Blair made an unexpectedly tasty combo. The supporting casts are fantastic too. Critics said that this re-incarnation of the Australian comedy of the same name "pale" in comparison to the original. I haven't watched so I'm not in a position to judge. I'm sad that it's cancelled.

Samantha Who (CANCELLED)
Our favourite evil turned do-gooder retrogade amnesiac has found her light at the end... NOT! A breakout hit during it's first season, this sophomore comedy's ratings went downhill this season that leads to its cancellation.

The Office
The fifth season was great as usual. Michael made a surprising move at the middle of the season when he resigned and create his own company, and I thought The Office has gone to the whole new level. But it's just temporary and everything was back at normal again. I hoped that Jim and Pam would get married in the finale - but they're not! Looks like Pam's pregnant instead?! How can I not expect this! haha

Ugly Betty
Not it's best season, but the charm remains intact. Moving Amanda as Betty's housemate was one of the memorable moments of the season. By the way, what's the point of bringing Gio back if it's only for a single episode? Awkward! I hope Alexis will return sometime. And watching Christina for the last time leaving inside the elevator was pretty heartbreaking.

Here's to another 400 post! (in 2013?)


fievelski said...

Weeds baru ntah haper2 ...sangat tak terujakan lah..ayoh!tengok citer len...minda dah dahagakan propahganda hollywood dah ni...bila mau on movie?

Adian said...


atom28 said...

waa. sgt kagum ngan adian.
wat keje pun bley bermovie.
n so up to date.

Adian said...

wat keje ape punnn... keje bodo2 je. ahahaaha bukannya topikal haha

fievelski said...

tula..nama pun adian..

Adian said...

huahuahua pi main ski btul.

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