Monday, June 01, 2009

Britain's Got Talent

So, the curtain's pulled down on the third season of Britain's Got Talent, this year's surprise global phenomenon that owes it's success to YouTube and Susan Boyle. I'm not a talent show aficionado, so I refused to follow the series even after watching that 200-million-hits "I Dreamed A Dream" clip.

But right after having a test watch of the first round of semi final earlier this week (to watch Susan again), I got magically hooked on by the other contestants as well, and decided to make the best use of faculty's speedy internet to download the show from the beginning.

What a treat. I especially love the show's format. It's unlike Idol or other singing talent reality shows, where you continually got surprised by the most unlikeliest of performers because you'll never know what they're gonna do, or how good or bad can they be. The show also make good use of background music to "inject" certain emotions to the viewers that can ultimately make the audition looks like a scene from a movie. Ant and Dec are officially my newest TV darlings (and Stephen Mulhern with the spin-off show, Britain's Got More Talent is utter genius).

Although Susan lost to Diversity (another superior act), she's only beginning her journey towards a greater destiny ahead. After decades of rejections and ridicules, she's finally got her well-deserved break and epitomizes the phrase "it's never too late". Thank you Susan, you're an inspiration.

America's Got Talent will premiere it's fourth season next week, but I doubt it will be half as good as it's British counterpart. We shall wait and see if there's another Susan Boyle waiting to be discovered.


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