Friday, August 07, 2009

First UKM H1N1 Victim?

adiannet: woi
hafiz: ye..ko tau x?
hafiz: ukm sorang dah meninggal
adiannet: tau pe
hafiz: H1N1
adiannet: yeke
adiannet: sapa
adiannet: budak fac mana
hafiz: budak kris mas
hafiz: x tau r
hafiz: bila ukm nak tutp ni?
hafiz: dia meniggal malam td
adiannet: ko dgr mana
adiannet: brita xdak pun
adiannet: bile meninggal
hafiz: malam td meniggal
hafiz: romat lama aku gtau
hafiz: ukm ada 38 kes
hafiz: yg pelik masih x tutup

Scary indeed. I checked major news bureau but at the time of writing, nothing says anything yet.

(UPDATE: Read the follow-up entry)


.ib. said...

oit... bio betul bro... ??? knape dh meninggal tu... sebab dibiarkan eh...? tak pegi ujian saringan ke?

Adian said...

xtau la betul ke tidak atau semata2 spekulasi semata2... hoho

daylachan said...

woho kalo btol pon myb ukm tutup kes bukan nk tutup u...

Adian said...

hoho... suke kan wat2 teori konspirasi ni.. haha

ST_one said...

UKM pls give all of us, free mask!

Adian said...

sansit, mask won't screen the virus from entering our system as it is micro-small... it only help to contain the virus from spreading out from a person who ALREADY got infected. that's from what i read lah.

instead, the best thing would be providing all toilets with hand-sanitizer.

elly suehaily said...

meh..biar sy explain..
ukm x mau ttp sbb xnk cuti cket time raye,..
kalo ttp..
raye ke3 kne msk class dah..

Adian said...

hoho time kitorang dulu penah je raya ke 3 dah ada kat studio buat keje... best gile time tu, sume org bwak kuih raya.. cam open house! hahaha

fievelski said...

OMG!OMG!Mak nak pi tobat sat!

Miss Dearly Pink said...

to adian: wearing a mask is one way of preventing the virus from directly entering our mouth and nose. it's better to wear one rather than not. wash hands regularly; never touch your nose and mouth after touching anything that you think might have been infected by the influenza virus;avoid places with crowds; and don't get near people that are already infected or suspected carrying the H1N1 virus. keep these in mind!!

Adian said...

thanks for the advice. actually what i mean is, if a H1N1 patient sneezed directly in front of you, or the wind carrying H1N1 virus blew through your face, the super-small virus WILL get through your face mask, or at least through your eyes.

but yes, i personally think washing hands is a better prevention.

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