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H1N1 in UKM - What Do We Know?

What you are seeing above is the keywords the visitors were using in search engines before ending up to my blog, specifically this entry I wrote 2 days ago. And that also lead to the sudden surge of visitors here for the past few days. And I received quite a lot of visitors from HUKM forum, which unfortunately closed for registration so I don't know what they were talking about (but apparently my blog was linked there)

Suddenly I feel very responsible if whatever Hafiz told me was just a hearsay. Tring not to be an irresponsible blogger spreading rumours around, I dig up some information online to find 'what really happens'. And I think I found one.

This is what I got from GMUKM blog:

BANGI : Blog gm-ukm.blogspot mendapat maklumat bahawa seorang mahasiswa kolej Keris Mas telah meninggal dunia pagi semalam. Menurut maklumat daripada wartawan GM yang tinggal di kolej tersebut, beliau melihat bahawa mayat itu dilitupi dengan plastik hitam dan kelihatan pengusung mayat memakai penutup mulut. Punca kematian walaubagaimanapun masih belum diketahui.

Ketika dihubungi oleh pihak editor, wartawan tersebut berjanji akan menyiasat perkara itu hingga ke akar umbi. Memang kedengaran khabar angin bahawa ada seorang mahasiswa UKM yang meninggal dunia kerana wabak H1N1. Tetapi kebenarannya masih boleh dipertikaikan.
OK, I'm trying to lay down the facts here.
Apparently, if things are true as above, we know for real that a student has died on UKM campus ground. But as to my knowledge, whenever a student or staff passed away for whatever reasons, a condolence news will be posted on e-pelajar or e-warga website, as what previously happen to Wan Siti Farihan, the girl who fell down from Kolej Pendeta Za'ba months ago. But I couldn't found any recent news in e-pelajar/e-warga. So that might cover the grounds for accusation of an attempted cover-up.

You know that everybody loves some juicy conspiracy theories. The main rumour flying around says that UKM is trying to cover up the incident because Pesta Konvo will start from next week, and pre-events like E-Fair in Pusanika has already started last week. So, if UKM is to be closed for a week or so, it could seriously hurt the aforementioned events (and maybe the convocation itself), and UKM will have to compensate all the participating penyewa gerai and so on, which will in turn cause a huge loss for UKM.

But on the other side, this might be highly unlikely. H1N1 is already considered a serious national threat so I don't think UKM could simply hide things around. If the Kolej Keris Mas dead student body was brought to the hospital and later confirmed died of H1N1, I'm pretty sure there's no way the case went unreported for national daily statistics in favor of something small like Pesta Konvo (national threat VS Pesta Konvo - funny!).

But you know what, maybe the Keris Mas student did not suffer from H1N1 at all. As far as we know, the ambulance attendees might only took precaution steps (after all, they're just wearing FACE MASK for God's sake, not bio-hazard suit or something).

So, there are currently 2 possible conclusions:
1. Yes, UKM is really trying to cover-up things.
2. No, the dead student wasn't really dies from H1N1. We are being too paranoid.

I hope that might offer some new perspective to the stories. If these rumours got serious UKM can hold a press conference or issue an official pekeliling to clear things up. Or else, it will be just bigger and bigger (and keywords at the top will just keep appearing and appearing)

So, what do you think? Comment now.


ST_one said...

i did try to google about it yesterday and i ended up in your blog too, haha... your blog becomes more popular now. by the way, this 'rumour' already created tension in kris mas. My fren in kris mas said so in FB.

i'm worry too. God, pls spare ukm from a(h1n1).

Adian said...

haha not you too!

ya.. wash your hands regularly! lift buttons, doorknobs, railings are very dangerous objects now! be safe:)

Miss Dearly Pink said...

it has been confirmed that the student died of H1N1. So I guess the possible conclusion #1 is true.

Chika Chika said...

KEs melibatkan kematian ke apa yang kat Keris Mas tu? Ayo takutnya. Sebab kat sini ada la jugak kes H1N1 melibatkan kematian tapi kebanyakkan orang recover.

Adian said...

Miss Pink:
Oh really, can u confirm the source so that we can share with other readers here?

hmm tula xpasti lagi.. slalunya H1N1 memang senang sembuh kalau amik ubat yang betul kan..

fievelski said...

unfortunately, medikasi terhad kan buat masa ini?

Adian said...

stakat ni ada tamiflu aje la...

vaccine yg betul2 berkesan dalam berita kata paling awal pun hujung tahun camtula kalau xsilap

ST_one said...

i just heard that ukm will be closed after convo as 2 persons had already passed away due to h1n1.

Adian said...

REALLY? whoa

fievelski said...

ayo really one?takut sat!

ST_one said...

i'm not sure how true is that but 'rumors' are spreading fast in ukm. just be more careful. the best we can do is make us stay healthier by doing exercise, increase personal hygiene and take more vitamins.

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