Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Talentime Leads FFM 22 Nominations

Nominations for Festival Filem Malaysia 22 is out, and as expected, the last directorial effort for the late Yasmin got the most nod with 11, leading Setem and Papadom (9 each), Syurga Cinta, Cicakman 2 and Maut (7 each). I have just watched it 2 days ago and boy, I cried like stupid towards the end. Hands down this is by far Yasmin's best movie, because unlike Sepet, Gubra et.al, Talentime contains multiple plotlines other than the main "love story" arc (which frankly, is the most boring part). I mean c'mon, Pamela Chong as Melur is as believable as Michael Jackson singing SM Salim tunes. She's stiff. And don't give "it's her first try" excuse - look at Jacklyn Victor. Now, that's a respectable "first try".

Of course, I cried because of the Hafiz and his mom's (Ahmad Syafie Naswip-Azean Irdawaty) story. I'm a sucker for this dying mommy thing. So it's adding salt to the wound now that Yasmin's gone when I actually started liking her work. Ok, enough about her. Let this lady rest in peace. So, what else to say about the nominees? Mahesh J. Kishor is vying for Best Actor category playing a charater who didn't even utter a word - a first in Malaysia, I think. And nothing from Talentime for Best Theme Song category? Not even the spectacular I Go/Pergi? While Senario/Jin Hutan/Antoo Fighter/Selamat Pagi Cinta and Brainscan actually made it??? You've gotta be kidding me.

Syurga Cinta's Heliza Helmi got double nomination for Promising Actress and Best Actress too. Wow - I don't know, I love to watch her on screen, but Best Actress? Really? Mohd Hadziq, on the other hand, can start to reserve a place in his shelf to display his almost-locked Best Child Actor trophy.

"Cis.. berani kau mempertikaikan kredibiliti aku. Penat aku feeling muslimah ni ok!"

, Jomlah C.I.U.M, Jalang and Momok The Movie are some of the movies that received nominations despite being unreleased yet. This is something that has been bugging me for years now - I can't see the reason why movies that have yet to meet cinemagoers were eligible to be sent for nomination process as well. It's simply confusing to the public who can't root for a movie they don't know anything about! Why don't we being more restrictive like the Oscars - only movies that were screened in the eligibility period are allowed to be considered. Or else, they can wait for the next year's award. Simple as that.

To read the full list of nominations, click here.


aisyahmokhtar said...

oh, vanessa chong ke tu? bukan pamela? rasa aku pamela..

adian, ada talentime? klu ada nak tengok. lagi, ada 1957 hati malaya? wahhh apa ni

Adian said...

eh ayo apa yg aku fikir time tulis ni.. pamela pamela.. akan diperbetulkan.

talentime ada. hati malaya pun ada. hehe khamis/jumaat ni aku ada kat ukm, leh copy.

.ib. said...


really support the film... n i hope winning all of the awards!!!

p/s: nak copy ngan i pum boleh... hehe

fievelski said...


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