Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mark Your Calendar, Ladies and Gentleman...

... cause the 2009-2010 TV season is about to start like NOW! OMG I'm soo freaking excited! After months of pretty boring summer TV (Drop Dead Diva being an exception, thankfully), I can't wait to see all the familiar faces, find resolutions of last season's cliffhanger and find out the craziness that will come out from the writer's desk brewed over the summer.

So, empty your hard disk, get your premium rapidshare account ready, and here you go...

(date adjusted according to Malaysian time)

09 September - 90210

10 September - Glee (New)
17 September - The Beautiful Life:TBL (New)
18 September - Parks and Recreation
18 September - Fringe
18 September - The Office
21 September - 61st Primetime Emmy Awards
22 September - How I Met Your Mother
22 September - Heroes
24 September - Cougar Town (New)
25 September - Flash Forward (New)
26 September - Ghost Whisperer
27 September - Saturday Night Live
28 September - Desperate Housewives
10 October - Ugly Betty
16 October - 30 Rock

04 November - V (New)
January 2010 - Lost

And RIP to Samantha Who, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, Kath&Kim and Privileged which didn't make it to this year's schedule. We will miss you.

Lots of new shows entering the schedule this year, but only 5 interest me

Glee - Actually the first episode aired during the end of last season, in a strategic move to build up the buzz and anticipation for the proper premiere this season. And boy, what an anticipation it creates! I totally love em. Musical on a weekly basis? Sign me in!

The Beautiful Life:TBL - Marks Mischa Barton's comeback to TV after allegedly leaving The OC to pursue a movie career which eventually failed miserably haha. This seems interesting, let's see how the pilot episode fares.

Cougar Town - Thank you ABC for bringing Courtney Cox back to TV after Dirt was cancelled during the writer's strike. Haha I'm always a sucker for female lead comedy, this will be nice replacement for the departing Samantha Who.

Flash Forward - Whoa this season looks a lot like 2005-2006 TV season, where a bunch of sci-fi-mystery-thriller (Invasion, Surface and Threshold) sprawls up, hoping to replicate Lost's success, but to no avail. This season, there will be two big budget, high concept genre series trying to squeeze in (perhaps fueled by Fringe's somewhat-success last year), and Flash Forward is one of them. The premise: everybody in the world blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, all at the same time, damn say no more, I'm in!

V - Another high concept, apparently a remake of a 1983 miniseries, V tells the story of aliens with their big-ass spaceships coming to Earth, trying to form a friendly connection, but as the saying goes, nothing is what they seem on the surface. Hoho the trailer looks a-mah-zing! Can't wait!


.ib. said...

huhu... ko ni memg layan giler kan series.... em, weyh, kat rapidshare tu memg ade semue ke episode2? memg akan ade?

p/s: ako suke ghost whisperer!

Adian said...

aah.. rapidshare tu sebagai host yang menyimpan je.. citer2 sume tu user jugak yang uploadkan.. tp boleh kata 99% series memang ada link rapidshare.. sbb popular.. lagipun kalau premium die boleh guna speed internet kita paling maximum. so cepatla habis dload. hehe

fievelski said...

Omaigod!Omaigod! Aku taip ni pun dah terketar-ketar tangan

alyaanajwa said...

siot..giler update!!!

Adian said...

gedik motif terketar tangan? alzheimer kah? haha

alyaa haha biasala series freak yang xde life. haha

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