Friday, September 25, 2009

My Alma Mater. My Pride

UKM recently debut it's new student edition corporate video, an addition to it's 2007 video.

My guess is that it's done by the same production house. No wonder they've been re-hired again, considering that their earlier work is pretty amazing. And this one too. With the millions spent, of course they should. Haha I love how suddenly glitzy my campus looks in these videos, although for a student who spent 3-5 years here, we should know better. But after all, this is a corporate video lah, not a documentary. You don't find Indonesian tourism video showing little children on the streets selling heavy lesung batu they carry on their back do you? Exactly (a depressing memory I can't get my head out of, though)

Anyway, the point is, I love UKM. I know, every student will gloat about they own university/college any given day. But for me, for some personal reasons not to be further explained, I strongly believe I was "directed" here. I always keep that in mind, and for that I'll forever be grateful. That's why no matter how less-than-accredited my course is, how expensive my college is, and how tiring it is to reseat my semester, I'll always try my best to be positive.

I know that some people just couldn't stop complaining left and right. But for every negative point they pinpoint on, I can list 10 positive things this campus had give to me. Long live UKM.

p/s: nice to see they're using our khidmat masyarakat pictures while helping Johor's flood victim over 2 years ago.


aisyahmokhtar said...

uhh ketika menonton video tersebut memanglah rasa kagum walaupon macam rase "hape ni amik bukan student UKM!"

tapi bila membaca entry kau neh berasa sayu pulak. ya, ukm juga bermakna pada aku untuk banyak sebab yg boleh disenarai-panjangkan.

Adian said...

haha tau xpe.. xsangka dalam banyak2 iklan casting mencari student utk berlakon video ni, akhirnya yg dipilih bukan student sini. hmm student yg apply tak menepati kriteria kot. hehe (scene akhir kat canselori tu aku nampak time dia tgh shoot.. pelakon2 extra student ukm ramai duk bawah pokok tunggu kene panggil haha sian)

hehe yaa.. aku tau ukm bermakna untuk kamu... heheheheeeeee *gelak besera unsur lain* haha

aisyahmokhtar said...

amboih amboih amboihh memang ukm bermakna ok. with or without unsur-unsur lain.

Adian said...

heheeeeeeee (motif evil grin di situ)

fievelski said...

alma mater atau ayoma maderfa**r?

Nurulhuda said...

walau seteruk mana tempat tu...kalau tulaa yang mengajar erti kehidupan, tulaa yang dikenang sampai mati..kan..kan..hehe~ nak gak sebok mengomen

Adian said...

wah! kak huda melangkah ke gelanggang komen blog skrg. haha welkam2... betul tu kan kan kan jugak.. hehehe

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