Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First Little Reunion

Recently on one of the last days of Ramadan, me and several of my schoolmates decided to meet up for a buka puasa. Time was set. And rescheduled. Venue was set. And re-venued. Thanks to Facebook, we save a lot from SMS-ing this time. Still aching due to miss out the last reunion during the community center project last semester, my heart was pretty much set - I HAVE to go this time no matter what. (I haven't met some of them for almost 6 years after PMR)

So we agreed to meet at Johnny's OneUtama (thanks to Ib for the information he posted on his blog earlier, really helpful for our reservation) at 6.30pm. I can only leave from Klang at 5.30pm, and I was afraid the massive traffic would make me late. And yes, the traffic was pretty obnoxious. Along the Klang bridge, at Shah Alam Federal Highway exit (some cars collide or something), and LDP! Do I need to say more? Goodness gracious! From the cable bridge it's already head-to-bump. It went gradually smoother at some points and then you got stuck again. And I made several unfortunate choices along the way, like when I supposedly can drive under the flyover, I drove over (and a Mercedes broke down at the top, thus forcing the traffic to go slow), and when I can drive over the flyover, I went under (and the traffic light brought the traffic into a standstill), and I geniusly wikimapia-d earlier to find this so-called "shortcut" that could supposedly head me straight from SS22 (I think) to Lebuh Bandar Utama but after I made the exit, I got stuck in this housing area circling for 15 minutes before I gave up and re-enter the congested LDP.

But traffic was finally OK after that (I didn't need that shortcut after all), but then rain suddenly poured heavily (it was a cloudy evening before) but luckily I was just 10 minutes away from OneUtama. I could see the digital clock over OneUtama rainforest showed 1904 when I reached there (although my car's showing 6:58) and then the "finding your parking lot" challenge began! I finally managed to park at top level where there's some empty space (because it's raining!), and the best spot I could find was the one where the roof only covers the front of the car. Haha. So I had to make a 1-meter run from the rain.

My parking lot was at the end of new wing, and Johnnys at the very corner of Old-New Wing. And during my walk through the wing, the speaker already sounded "Sekarang telah masuk waktu berbuka puasa. OneUtama mengucapkan selamat berbuka puasa bagi para pelanggan yang kami hormati". Had a little trouble finding that Johnnys. And when I arrived, there's only 4 people there! Haha apparently yang lain tu pukul 6.30 baru bertolak. So go figure lah.

But it doesn't matter as long as everybody made it (the last one arrived one hour later, and two cancelled after they couldn't find parking spaces! bley?), and we had a long, joyous conversation, reminisce about the past and catching up on everybody's current doing. It's mind blowing to see your group of classmates now blossoming into pilot, pharmacist, future doctor, accountant, engineer, and never-would-be architect. Hahaha.

2 of us had to go home early. Our chitchat ends at 9.30pm and thankfully OneUtama had this piece of kampung nelayan backdrop for Hari Raya so we took pictures there. Hope that this won't be our last and thanks for reminding me why I love my schooldays.


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