Saturday, January 16, 2010


After several days bergelumang menyiapkan some works, I just pampered myself with a night of watching guilty pleasures, no not porn, but better than that, Parks and Recreation, Cougar Town and Ugly Betty. I know I was supposed to review all the series like I've said in the previous entries, but me myself pun tak terkejar nak tengok semua. Download, download, download; burn. DVD makin menggunung nak tengoknya entah bila. Luckily some of my old DVD customers return for another bunch of series, so at least dapatla cover beli dvd kosong.

Alhamdulillah X:Site has beginning to take off slowly but gradually. One thing I notice is that I love meeting clients. Yes, I'm a very introvert person (unless with my close friends, that is). Yes, bring me to parties and I can spend a whole night not talking to anyone (apa party-party? bajet 90210 ke) but my point is, I was not the one who gets the ball rolling. But if a situation requires me to speak, so help me God I will (which honestly surprises me as well haha).

For example, I just came back from a meeting earlier today at UPM, completely unprepared on what to say, but luckily managed to conduct some 20 minutes of impromptu presentation of our services and another 20 mins of Q&A with a panel of our clients. Cuma ada sorang pakcik ni bajet cam pandai sangat lah, like hello, bajet ko xseberapa ada hati nak demand itu ini. No money no talk lah.

Last weekend, X:Site held a mini retreat for us in PD. Chilling, discussing, gossiping (part ni paling best), karaoke-ing, seafood-ing. It's a fun 30 hour (supposedly 2 days but me, Alyaa, Iman and Izuan had to forego a day due to assistance in Archustic audition).

The 24th edition of Juara Lagu took place last weekend too, and I think Pergi suits as winner. But once dah pergi tengok live, nothing you saw on TV will match the experience.

OKlah tak nak mengarut panjang2. Daa...


.ib. said...

guilty pleasures ye? hahah~

part dvd tu mcm menarik perhatian ako... haha. leh selak2 ke pilih2 dvd mcm kat kedai cetak rompak tu? ko ade cite korea mahupun jepun tak? hahah~

introvert kah pervert kah? apakah? ako confused. hehe. (*buat2)

jelesnye dgr part pegi pd tu. karaoke tak heran sgt tp seafooding tu perghhh merudum jiwa...

i pun suke lagu pergi menang~ semue yg menang ade dlm list except the vikal one. demmmit! eh korg pegi tgk ke?

Adian said...

haha... dvd tu series yg aku memang follow je.. nak tgk katalog sila ke facebook photo album aku, ada satu album "my collection" kononnya.. tp tu list xlengkap.. separuh je br.

uh seafood tu bes... di tepi laut berteman angin di bagan lalang (PD sgt panas). yg penting, percuma! haha

x, kitorang pergi thn lepas time meet uncle hussain.

fievelski said...

seafood atau gosip yang lebih best sebenarnya?bincangkan

(10 markah)

fievelski said...

seafood atau gosip yang lebih best sebenarnya?bincangkan

(10 markah)

Adian said...

pada hemat saya gosip lah. hahaha.. kerana info-info yang diperoleh darinya amat menggegar dunia dan memecah kaca. hoho

fievelski said...

hua hua hua

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