Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five and Fading

Yes, My Life as a Me is 5 years old on 26th April ago and even I didn't notice. Come on, "wah, ini entryku yang ke 100 tahun ni!" is wayy out of my league. Truth is, my updates is now closer to none even though I have so much to say but so little time. Cliche is it?

By the way, I got myself a new notebook (finally!) and my hours of wandering and circling with brochures full in my hands during the PC Fair in KLCC last month definitely paid off; this is my most worthy purchase so far. 4 gigs RAM, 1 gig graphics, 500GB (yay for a download freak), windows 7 (thank God I skipped the ever-problematic Vista), I can't ask for more with this kind of budget. And the best thing, it's COOL!!!!!! I mean, temperature-ly speaking. I really mean it! Goodbye frying-pan palm rest!

One downside though, the speaker's kind of so-so despite the Altec Lansing SRS Premium Sound yadda yadda printed on it. Maybe due to the placement of the speakers, which is forefront (under palm rest) and facing down, so the sound kinda died a little. But when you plug in external speaker / earphone, it does wonders. I love the SRS sound effect ie. bathroom echo, live arena etc. feature on it, the same one that my old Creative Zen had.

I've been fortunate enough to stumble across an opportunity to design printed media package for Hari Harta Intelek Negara last 2 weeks or so, and to put it mildly; again, mildly - HARROWING. I don't want to bore you with gory behind-the-scene details, but now I know why government graphic design sucks. Luckily after art-whoring myself for about 2 weeks, I managed to retain not much, but a little bit of creative control over the end product. Sekurang-kurangnya dapatlah tengok kerja sendiri dalam Buletin Utama & Melodi.

Oklah, till next time, ciao!


fara-D said...

feeewiiit! the creative master! buletin utama tuuuuuu

Adian said...


fievelski said...

wow! *sujudz*

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