Sunday, June 20, 2010

Archustic: Pre, During, Post (Part 1)

Back in June 2006, when my batch was finishing our second semester (first year), we went to UTM for this "architectural workshop". Themed Olympiarch that year, we had so much fun that somewehere deeply inside myself I said "We HAVE to organize this event" (like WTF? baru first year dah berangan nak buat this mother-freaking besar punya event) Haha. Little did anyone know at that time, God had His own plan for us...

When Rumi (UiTM Shah Alam, 2009) ended, there was this joke among us that we're up for next year's (2010) workshop. Yes, joke. But actually it's our way of hinting our ambition that we're actually WANT it. You see, 2010 is the last year for many of my batch here - and like me, they had the very same idea back in 2006, to actually ORGANIZE this event. So it's really a now-or-never situation for us. When we candidly push the idea to one of our lecturer during Rumi, "dengar cerita next year kita kena host" (it's pure lie, nobody heard anything it's just US) , he quickly laughed "haha no, you all tak cukup ramai". We laughed back, but inside, nobody can see our burning desire flaming hotter than ever.

I don't remember the actual timeline, but somewhere after the PAM liaison meeting ended during Rumi and another PAM meeting in PAM HQ in Kuala Lumpur, we were confirmed to be the host for 22nd Architectural Workshop 2010, after UTM kindly gave way to us (although they're already started discussing the theme at that time, considering that it is their turn to host). I still remember Beh said to me "OMG, kita host next year!" when the dream started to feel real - we'll host the workshop.

OK I found in Facebook, it's June 29

Now that it is confirmed, we HAVE to get help. There's no way we can do this alone, dengan drama budak certain2 batch ni lagi. So we shopped around the idea of co-hosting (just like UTM did with Limkokwing in 2006) to some colleges and we received answers from Twintech first, then Taylor's - both of whom we had no inside connection, and no previous engagements with. Well, to keep long story short, so off the three stooges go from there on....

Lots of paperworks and meeting with UKM's countless departments (PPP, JPPel, Treasury Dept, Transportation Dept, Pusat Kebudayaan, Wisma Aman, UPP - yes, I'm copying this from our booklet), the planning slowly took place, at the same time meetings with Twintech and Taylor's were held both in reality and virtually - Facebook, greatest invention after lightbulb - to confirm things after things. Now, about the theme. Where did the word "Archustic" first came out from? Here's the answer

July 1, by Dayah

We immediately 'clicked' with that theme, although some people had problems settling for that simple (yet meaningful) theme. But for us, it is time for them to enjoy themselves, to keep the mood light and not crazy-brainstorm-deep theme yang sounds so gempak but in the end pengisian: NONE. Participant felt cheated and organizer kena kutuk. So, archustic it is!

Only after we settles on the theme, baru the whole jentera mula bergerak. Paperworks, sponsorship proposals, and all those official stuffs, and the funner part - logo, mascot, tshirt and so on. There's too many logo proposals to lay down here, but at last we settled with the quasi-vinyl theme (which I had doubt of), so I broke it down into two, icon (the vinyl/"A"/"C"/whatever it is) and typography (Archustic). To pick the colour alone, we had some heated discussions on whether to stick to UKM official colour, turquoise blue or more heated colour like yellow or red. After we finally agreed on blue, then at the last minute ada pulak request dari _____ to change archustic to archustiK, allegedly to sound more Malay-like akustik, which I assumed he knew nothing about the where the arch- originate from. We fight this final battle, in which we won. hahaaha

August 27, Do you still remember?

So then, next stop: Trial Camp. We felt that it is vital to have a trial run for our module - which is the main core of our activity in the workshop. Thus, from Dec 4-13, we invited Twintech and Taylor's together to conduct our mock-event. From there, we detected several key weakness of the ice breaking and main module, allowing us to re-evaluate, re-configure and re-plan.



ST_one said...

can't wait for part 2...

atom28 said...

walaupun di kalam blackout semalam. tetap dapat mengupdate blog. tahniah2, master adian!!!wooohooo..

fara-D said...

iman?? bukan adian update blog waaaaay before black out tuh ke??

aisyahmokhtar said...


aku ter-nangis. belum buat part 2 lg, tp aku dah rasa mcm skrip iklan yasmin ahad versi archustic. binci ah kau... binci binci binciiii

well, kau membuatkan aku berasa sgt kecik sbb cuma terlibat di peringkat awal. binci ah kauuuuu


i'll be waiting. ecehhhhh

Adian said...

stone: update yours dulu!~ hahaha

iman: motification!

farah: haha memang satu malam tu jugak kalau xsilap aku tulis. dan lepas blackout baru publish.

a'ai: motif yasmin ahmad! ko nak aku buat video hitam putih bagai iklan merdeka tu skali ke hahahaha.

part 2 coming soon. tunggulah bila rajin wawawawa

fievelski said...

lekas part 2. mungkin, dua minggu lagi aku bukak online, aku boleh baca.

Adian said...

oh kamu sungguh humoris

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