Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bumi Perpatih

Tajuk nak berangan buat liputan untuk Majalah 3 haha. Last week (Eh tukar bahasa dah. Bilingual la kononnya haha) I was on a 3-day short trip to Negeri Sembilan for our myKTours project (head up to our Langkawi version here, and by the way you can already purchase our Apple apps for your iPod touchs, iPhones and iPads here). Ok to cut to the chase, the trip was a great one, though at first I wasn't really sure what we're gonna find there (admit it, apart from Port Dickson and the "big black palace" called Seri Menanti, you barely know N9 for its tourism spots, especially when it's being sandwitched between two giants of Malaysian tourism - Lembah Klang and Malacca. But I was proven wrong - and happily so - there's definitely nice locations - including those we took for granted maybe - kampung life may not be as enticing for you urban kids (me included haha), but I can surely see those mat sallehs oohed and aahed at the makings of gula enau (a gula nira variation) just as we "always dream" of seeing Europeans producing those expensive cheese in Swiss countryside.

OK, enough ramblings. You can visit my little picture travelogue here. Till then, adios!


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