Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Banyak Kerja, Tapi...

Well, first and foremost, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha for all Muslims.

Just finished compiling my ongoing to-do list and BOY! Right now berhutang 10 kerja dengan 7 different person/parties! (nasib baik berhutang kerja, bukan berhutang duit hoho. hutang kerja at least nanti adalah sikit2 pulangannya insyaAllah). Then itu belum kira tesis master's lagi! *ok pengsan jap*

Dulu kata won't mind working doing what I love kan. Hamik ko sekarang bertimbun-timbun haha. Love la sangat kan! Sila gelakkan diri sendiri. Buat kerja dahla perfectionist (which is the professional way of saying "lambat macam kura-kura" hehe) Well, I took the risks myself. Either you love it or despise it, sekarang kena lebih bijak bahagikan masa.

Last week's event in Port Dickson was refreshing to say the least, it's fun knowing people and making new friends, sementelah old friends semakin jauh akan meninggalkan kita (talking about the soon to be "released" 5th year students). I have to say - God, you really know what you're doing. Everything is not a coincidence, your timing is impeccable. I just play along what's been written for my life... which I hope will lead to somewhere... positive. InsyaAllah.

I work in a kinda.. bizarre way. My best ideas always came out on the last hours/minutes under pressure. Orang kata, makin diperah, makin pekat susunya. (ada ke orang kata? why does it sounds dirty?) OKlah, makin diperah, makin pekat hasilnya. Fine. So that's one of the theories lah. This has happened numerous times, the most recent being last Monday, when I was asked to propose a half-page advertisement in a magazine. I was given the weekend before to come out with that idea, but nothing comes to fruition apart from some corny designs (I call it "just in case" designs). I was ready to disappoint the "client" that Monday morning when suddenly my hands were directed to an image stock folder that I've browsed over and over again days before and instinctively clicked on one of the picture. Before I knew it, one thing leads to another and voila - a complete, 5 minute job! And the "client" loves it. JUST. LIKE. THAT. One of those days which is the reason I don't make gun charts, plannings or whatever - because I know in that in the end, there's 99% chance that I won't be able to follow them myself.

So let's crank up some lounge music, have a nice cup of coffee, and start working.


.ib. said...

Salam Aidiladha bro~
ko sambung master ke hehe?
wahh mcm masyuk je keje ko ni, takdek yg leh sub2 ke? haha..

tulah, sumtimes... idea itself is greedy... n scary. tapi mase jugaklah yg mempengaruh. tiba2 dtg, tiba2 pegi.. hahah~


Adian said...

haha, xdelah.. biasa je.. nampak cam 7 org, tapi yg betul2 freelance tu brapa kerat je.. pastu ngan family lagi (matila family nk suh bayar jugak kannn) haha..

betul tu.. best kalau cam sstgh jenis org tu petik jari je 5 minit dapat idea dah. wuwuwuwu....

ST_one said...

'soon to be released', haha... i'm working hard (hard la sangat) to make sure i will be released soon.
ok, back to work now!

Adian said...

prove them wrong, sansit! haha

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