Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tense and Relief

It's common sense to say that the bigger the tense you have about something, the bigger the relief you'll get when it's done. It's just rewarding to be in a place when people appreciate the things you do, even if it's actually a standard for you (standard la sangat kan, kadang2 nak naik rooftop jerit jugak haha), but I think I thought myself well over the years not to burst under the the most critical of situation. Because once you pop, your credibility will too, and goodbye Mr. Reliable, no more job for you. Cheers! *clink* (sparkling juice je ni ok haha)

Dealing with people is not always easy, let me be the first to admit that. Especially when you have a diverse personality of human traits to deal with. But I'll say charm and smile take you a long way in this business (even though your facebook friends have to deal with all your true feelings via your non-stop status stream haha).

So long, welcome February!


fara-D said...

welkam february welkam welkam!

*tudia...tetiba muncul! da lama tak semakkan komen kat entry ko!HAHAHAHA.

fievelski said...

jangan fara.nanti kau dituduh cuba menyepam.

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