Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Financial Matters

I know most of my friends have (or just) started working. I know the joy and excitement of getting your monthly paycheck (yang selama jadi student xpernah dapat), so I know the temptation of spending it the way you never got the chance before (unless you're born and fed with the silver, or rather gold, spoon, tapi itupun your parent's fortune not yours, so there's no real joy in that). Well, there's no harm to reward yourself once in a while, but to assist your financial management better, here's some tips from AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit)


  • Pastikan anda mempunyai bajet. Pelan bajet anda dengan cermat dan patuhi matlamat kewangan anda.
  • Bayar diri anda dahulu! Setiap bulan, asingkan 10% daripada gaji bulanan untuk simpanan. Buka akaun baru dan pilih untuk tidak mengambil kemudahan kad ATM.
  • Amalkan tabiat menabung sebagai budaya hidup: Mulakan simpanan anda HARI INI. Ketahui konsep faedah berganda (compound interest)
  • Amalkan tabiat menabung sebagai budaya hidup: Sediakan simpanan kecemasan, sekurang-kurangnya 6 kali perbelanjaan bulanan anda.
  • Amalkan tabiat menabung sebagai budaya hidup: Mempunyai simpanan untuk kehidupan selepas bersara. Dan yang paling penting - hidup mengikut kemampuan anda.
Pinjaman & Kredit
  • Pinjaman & Kredit: Ketahui tujuan pinjaman dan kemampuan anda untuk membayar semula; dan, beri perhatian akan terma dan syarat pinjaman tersebut.
  • Pinjaman & Kredit: Ketahui kadar faedah efektif pinjaman anda; dan, pastikan bayaran semula pinjaman tidak melebihi 40% daripada gaji bulanan.
  • Pinjaman & Kredit: Pastikan anda membayar ansuran tepat pada masanya agar laporan kredit anda tidak terjejas; dan, JANGAN SESEKALI membuat pinjaman dari peminjam wang tanpa lesen.
The bolden parts are the most important, IMO. I've heard the classic habis-bulan-habislah-gaji story or duit-aku-bulan-ni-tinggal-untuk-bayar-sekian-sekian simply too many times from people around. This paycheck-to-paycheck habit is severely unhealthy y'all. Common answer: Tapi yela, sekarang kan gaji kecik. Nanti dah banyak bolehla simpan. Oh dear, that's a poorly made excuse. When your pay rises, trust me, your spending will too. Especially for those who's looking to the big M - marriage - soon. Believe me, if you don't train yourself now, it might be too late. (Well, unless gaji anda sekarang dah RM10,000, which if you did, kindly stop reading this now haha).

Personally I think the early stages of your career life is the best to start discplining yourself - because you've used to live humbly during student life (kalau dah pandu kereta mewah time study lagi, sorry again this doesn't apply to you), so it's just natural to keep your spending habit under the radar.

Not every Sale event is a must visit. Sometimes there's just deals you couldn't resist, but most of the times, the prices were super hiked, then lowered drastically, so 70% might be just 30%. Believe me, I've kept a careful watch on my favourite brand, the same shirt which I purchased at 40 bucks a few months before suddenly went 60% from the "original" price of "RM109" - are you freaking kidding me! Sometimes the best shopping is window shopping.

Not every movie is a must watch movie. Sometimes there's just movie-event you can't wait for the dvd - new sequels or whatever you cup of tea is. But don't make a habit of weekly ritual to cinema, sometimes just picking out a random movie for the sake or watching something. Rather, use the internet peopleee... (not that I'm condoning piracy - karang kena tangkap pulak). TV series are much better medium to be emotionally-invested where the story and character development played out much longer than movies ever allowed to.

I know of a person who constantly complain of insufficient salary but kereta tambah sport rim tambah dvd player gps and whatnot. You're barking at the wrong tree, dear. Overseas, graduates just drove the cheapest second-thirs-or-fourth-hand car. Here, I don't understand the trend where, bila start kerja terus keluar kereta baru, then bayar instalment almost half the salary. C'mon man... tu Kancil starts at 6-7k je kot... your 3-4 months pay je paling kurang. (But my Kancil was "inherited" so lain cerita - LOL). Common answer: Tapi ada kereta baru berkilat2 takdelah malu nak tunjuk kawan2. Ladies and gentleman, presenting: biar papa asal bergaya.

Freelancing. I know most of us got some extra skills outside of our daily job scope (or maybe the same, doesn't matter). Why not utilize it for some hard cash. I know, penat, no time yadda2 but excuses can only bring you so far. Whether it's baking, cooking, sewing, make-up, photographing, graphic designing, CAD drafting, 3D visualizing, tutoring or whatever - well, except that bloody scamming MLM.

Investing. OK now you've save some money - what to do with it. Well, except enrolling yourself to that bloody scamming MLM again, the possibilities are endless - Unit trust (but I heard ASB is haram ady, dunno about that), Gold saving, or for the more advanced, Forex trading, IPO trading (Bursa Malaysia), or if you really have saved so much - real estate + properties. Make sure your money works for you.

Wow, ni berangan kolumnis majalah ke? haha. Nevertheless, renung-renungkan.
Till then, bye.


aisyahmokhtar said...

very good matured entry. TQ adian! ^_^

Adian said...

aww thanks.

fievelski said...

gitu uols.

fara-D said...

heh!suka entry ni! thanks adian! ecewah!

Adian said...

thanks! harap2 dapat membantu dalam kehidupan penuh pancaroba ini. bleyyy haha

Anne said...

yes......... my kancil that is inherited from me. since i've heard some unpleasant news about my beloved kancil, you gotta lend me yours when im back!

Adian said...

in your dreams! ahaha keji

hany said...

OMAIGUCI Hahaahaaa...
I think i read ur last post last year kot...Hahaha...
Nvrtheless, its an inspiring article and true indeed...*OH hati stop being so rebellious..*

Takpa2...buluh yang dilentur BUKAN dar rebungnya pun akan terlentur jugakan..Hahaha

Adian said...

thanks.. xpe, bersama2lah kita berusaha.

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