Tuesday, July 03, 2012

57.6 kg!

Hiaargghhh!!!! Finally reached my ideal-est weight target!
(Actually dah over reach, supposedly 58.2kg equals a BMI of 21.7, but now dah 21.4)
After almost a year of detox, a controlled portion during Ramadan, and including more fruits in daily food intake (and also some secret products - keji kan kau! hahaha BUT NOT H*LIFE. Don't make me start on that), I managed to lose 10kg Alhamdulillah.. I don't really remember my original weight, but I think there was a 68kg point somewhere sometime haha.

Honestly I don't really feel a glaring difference on myself, but if I got a Ringgit everytime I heard people say I looked thinner I might be able to splurge at Padini. haha.

But I still haven't reached that flat tummy utopia, still looked a bit bloated. Cis. Damn genetics! I thought ideal weight means flat stomach! Nak kena exercise jugak ke? I've made all the way here without exercise and I'm definitely won't start now! haha


fievelski said...

tudia. aku jugak yang maintain kurus kering khennn.

fara-D said...

wow wee! sumber inspirasi ni!

thanks adian! aku jeles ngan kau weh! akan berusaha lebih gigih! ecehhh! ^^

Adian said...

Hahaha thanks.. kalau nak senarai produk2 secret tersebut nanti aku PM. bleyyy aahahhaa

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