Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Alhamdulillah, rezeki (or rezq) bak kata hijabster (ok rekaan sebenarnya) datang tak putus-putus. Side job yang tak terhandle akibat my "don't know how to say no" attitude. Lepas tu bila 2-3 client sekali minta update, terlari-tersungkur siapkan itu dan ini. Kan bagus kalau semua jenis untung atas angin je haha (dasar tak reti bersyukur! #petir)

I know this is first world problem yang tak layak dibebelkan di sini, but the truth is I keep cashing the cheques without even having time to enjoy it. I'm too financially-paranoid (read: kedekut) to spend it on purchases I might regret later. I have no time to take vacation. My weekends are usually spent either in front of the screen, or bila tak ada mood buat kerja, I begin strolling along the alleys of youtubes and news sites, or hit the pedal and start driving without destinations.

Truth is, I MISSED MY STUDENT LIFE. The carefree world where I don't have to face the reality (except for the assignments. And projects. And crit sessions. Well, wait a minute, those are actually worse. But well, you know what I mean). Endless nights lepaking at someone else's room, or nearby mamak. Watching movies every 3 days like nobody's business, walhal sekarang office sebelah shopping mall tapi tak pernah lagi tengok wayang dekat situ.

I once saw this wordings posted on Facebook, it's seems true now, and I don't want to have that future:
Teen age: Have Time + Energy .... but No Money
Working age: Have Money + Energy .... but No Time
Old age: Have Time + Money .... but no Energy


aisyahmokhtar said...

like. like. like.

adian, biasanya kesedaran ni muncul pd lelaki berumur lewat 30-an or awal 40-an. syukur kau...baru 27?? ^_^

apapun, aku percaya kau selalu tau apa yg terbaik utk kau.

Adian said...

erghh tak tau la a'ai.. stress. nak stress-eating takut gemuk. arghhh!!! hahahha

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