Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Officially Crosses 70

Took pretty some time to make that leap with some ups and downs, but the unexpected news sent it soaring.


NAD said...

I wonder why the link to ur blog show up when i google for current movies now showing in cinema. Lol. But the entries "the big question" and "quarter life crisis" make me wanna read more. Hey! I might follow ur steps meyh... marry my job and hv crisis with my own life. But since i boleh dikira early twenties lagi, i still hv the chance to so smthg. Haha! Hi5!

Adian said...

haha wow a random visitor! been light years ago since ada komen2 ni. haha yeah... single life is not that depressing! surround yourself with the right people and find enjoyment in little things!

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