Tuesday, February 04, 2014


It's been a while. Wait, even A WHILE would be an understatement haha. So what's new? Well, one thing, you can access this blog through adian.my, thanks to ichoose.my service from MYNIC I subscribed last December where you can redirect your .my domain to your blog (gigih promote company sendiri). The usual price for .my address is RM120 per year, but through the promotional period last year you can get it at  RM50 for 2 years (but promotional price has since ended now). It's not that I really need a special address for this long-forgotten blog, but saja nak reserve nama sendiri.

Still talking about blogging, last December also marked the inaugural event of MYNIC's blogrrr: Blogger Most Wanted held at MIECC, Mines. Despite all the endddlessss drama going on behind the scenes (I won't go into details here), I think (at least) we managed to pull off an okay-lah event for a team of 10 first-timers in 2 months. Now, I'm not sure if we're going to have the second edition of blogrrr this year, of course  I hope we do, but everything depends on a lot of factors which have to be taken into consideration.

It's pretty ironic to organize an event for bloggers when it had been yearsss since I last posted actively on my own, but through the event I could see that the blogging community is far from dead and in fact, thriving. It's amazing that these people never met each other in real world but they are legends and otais in their own right, online. So in a way, the event was some sort of "reunion" for them, some even came from as far as Kelantan dengan naik bas. For us, hearing those stories are much better pain-relievers than propofols or ibuprofens could ever provide.

This blog will turn 9 years old this April, so I hope I can post something by that day. So, see you later!


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